Hawaii Wildfires

Thousands of residents  have been forced to flee their homes and vacation spots, facing what is being described as some of the deadliest U.S. wildfires witnessed in the past century. With little notice, many were forced to evacuate, bringing with them only the essentials they could carry. The toll on the affected communities is heart breaking.

The historic town of Lahaina has borne the brunt of this catastrophe. Thousands of structures have been damaged or destroyed, most of which were homes. Beyond homes, businesses have been reduced to ashes, and the heart of the community has been shattered. Hospital are treating numerous patients for injuries while thousands find themselves without power. The breakdown of communication channels, including phone and cell services, adds an additional layer of challenge to an already dire situation.

Red Cross teams are providing crucial assistance
In response to this devastating crisis, the American Red Cross has teams on the ground in working tirelessly around the clock supporting those affected. Trained disaster workers from the Red Cross sprang into action, swiftly opening shelters in both Maui and Oahu in collaboration with county authorities. These shelters provide a safe haven for displaced residents and tourists who have been forced to evacuate their homes and lodgings.

The Red Cross teams are also offering essential resources, including food, emotional support, and a sense of security during these challenging times. As the situation permits and access to the most affected areas becomes feasible, the Red Cross will undertake damage assessments and facilitate the distribution of vital relief supplies. This vital operation has been further strengthened by the participation of trained disaster responders from across the country.