Round 2

All projects below focus on ensuring community-based supports to vulnerable populations in Canada or address a pressing social inclusion or wellbeing need. Here is a list of our current partnerships to date:

British Columbia and Yukon
Manitoba and Nunavut
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island


  • Alberta Chinese Cultural Education Society - Providing online and in-person academic, physical, mental health programs, activities and services for youth, members, and volunteers, to help ensure they are staying healthy during COVID-19.
  • Arbredevie Fine-Arts World Fellowship – Developing and upgrading communications tools to improve existing services, thereby expanding access to more members.
  • Arsi Association of Alberta - Providing groceries to racialized families who have been impacted by COVID-19 and cannot afford the basics.
  • Calgary Family Peer Connections – Ensuring the community being served continues to receive mental health supports and assistance with food security as needed.
  • Calgary Pickleball Club - Providing safe recreation environments for people who depend on pickleball for physical activity and social interaction, with an emphasis on seniors.
  • Calgary Vietnamese Women's Association - Recruiting and training volunteers to provide basic needs support to new immigrants, low-income earners, single parents with young children, international students, or those who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Canadian Volunteers United in Action Society - Mobilizing trained volunteers to distribute food, hiring professionals to provide counselling support, and training online Francophone immigrants about COVID-19 safety and security measures.
  • Centre de Bien-être et de Prévention pour Afro-Canadiens de l'Alberta – Offering webinars, home visits, and newsletters to inform and educate African Canadian families about COVID-19 and how to access essential services.
  • Cowley Lions Club – Supplying winter hats, gloves and socks to people, particularly Indigenous people, who are living in low income.
  • Edmonton 2 Spirit Society - Developing virtual content for materials specific to Indigenous LGBTQ+ populations, with a focus on traditional Cree worldview teachings.
  • Edmonton Heyoka Society - Providing counselling, access to spiritual ceremonies, and practical support, such as the provision of food and hygiene resources, for Indigenous people, with a focus on women and girls.
  • Fort McKay Women's Association – Continuing after school and out of school programs for Indigenous children and youth in small, physically distanced cohorts, focusing on activities that promote social wellbeing and positive mental health.
  • Fort Saskatchewan Multicultural Association – Recruiting personnel to provide food hampers, hygiene supplies and online programming to at-risk newcomers, immigrants and seniors. Laptops will also be provided to support online learning.
  • Free Play for Kids – Offering regular online programming to support, inspire, and empower vulnerable, racialized and newcomer children/youth who are disproportionately experiencing social barriers during COVID-19.
  • Immigration Community Alberta Network Association – Continuing to design and deliver mental health webinars to Chinese immigrants, particularly seniors.  
  • Institut Guy-Lacombe de la famille – Offering virtual workshops to educate parents and children on coping strategies during the pandemic.
  • Markazul Iman for Tomorrow's Shade Association – Improving support and ensuring recent African immigrants in Edmonton are aware of available resources.
  • Oromo Community Association of Alberta - Providing direct financial support, training and technical equipment to low-income households in Calgary and Brooks to help mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.
  • Pincher Creek Family Resource Society – Creating take-home backpacks and offering programming that creates opportunities for families to stay connected during this time of increased isolation and decreased mental health.
  • Portail de l'Immigrant Association de Calgary - Recruiting personnel to support the adaptation of existing services to online platforms in order to continue to offer community support, homework help and learning programs to clients.
  • Rhema Multicultural Centre – Continuing to address food security challenges for newcomers to Canada, First Nations communities, and families that have lost employment due to COVID-19.
  • Rights For All LGBTIQ+ Refugees In Canada Now Society – Providing online workshops for Black trans queer communities focusing on transitioning during COVID-19 and mental health.
  • Shiloh Centre For Multicultural Roots - Mobilizing trained Black Canadians to reach out to the growing number of seniors, single parents and others who are struggling during COVID-19.
  • Sihle-Sizwe Vineyard Foundation – Recruiting tutors to assist high school students who are struggling to keep up with the requirements of their education. 
  • Stitch It Forward Society of Lethbridge – Recruiting volunteers to sew gift bags to provide grocery gift cards to people in isolation or those who are unemployed due to COVID-19, focusing on people who are living with mental illness.  
  • Sudanese Cultural League of Edmonton - Using awareness sessions to support seniors, women, families and those living with disabilities with the safe delivery of groceries and personal protective equipment. At-risk families will also receive computers and school supplies to support online learning.
  • The ACCT Foundation - Supporting Asian community groups in Calgary to enhance their organizational capacity to respond to at-risk children, youth, families, and seniors who are experiencing the psychosocial impacts of COVID-19.
  • The Deen Strong Foundation - Developing evidence-based and culturally relevant mental health and mentoring webinars for disadvantaged communities to address the social, cultural, and economic barriers being experienced.
  • The Enchanté Network - Le Réseau Enchanté - Recruiting mental health professionals and cultural elders to provide online group support to frontline 2S and LGBTQ+ workers. 
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God Christ The Lord Chapel – Providing food, clothing and training/seminars to at-risk people from all races and cultures in the Leduc area who are affected by COVID-19.
  • Tribal Chiefs Ventures Inc – Assisting member First Nations in managing food security issues being experienced during COVID-19.
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council – Providing tools, support and coping mechanisms for members of the Alberta community; giving children an opportunity to listen and see familiar leaders read stories about resilience; and bringing a sense of community through personal resilience stories.
  • University of Calgary Student Radio Society – Ensuring a safe and sanitized space for volunteer programmers to continue to serve the radio station’s audiences with community-produced news, entertainment and a sense of connection.
  • Urji Women's Support Association of Edmonton – Continuing to provide services to at-risk members of their community, including seniors, families, newcomers, and those who have been asked to self-isolate as a result of COVID-19.
  • Women of Vision Society of Alberta – Recruiting and training volunteers to deliver care packages and virtual wellness programs to female-headed households and seniors in Calgary.

British Columbia and Yukon

  • 333 Recovery Homes Society – Hiring a facilitator and improving programming to ensure that any male who requires substance abuse treatment and recovery in the North Coast can access services in a timely manner.
  • Altrusa Club of Nanaimo – Improving the mental health of people with limited finances by ensuring they can safely take public transportation to parks, playgrounds and viewpoints where they can exercise and spend time in nature. A literacy component is also involved, as riders will gain experience in reading maps.
  • Assemblée francophone des retraités et aînés de la Colombie-Britannique – Conducting regular virtual conversations with people living with disabilities to help address feelings of isolation brought on by the pandemic.  
  • BC Arabic School Foundation - Recruiting additional staff and designing and delivering virtual classes, tools and webinars to reach more children and families affected by the pandemic.
  • BCEdAccess Society - Hiring and training additional staff, contractors and volunteers to run online peer social groups for school-aged children and youth who are living with disabilities, as well as separate peer groups for their families.
  • BizKids Practical Education Association - Delivering training that supports educators in facilitating engagement with students in online classrooms.
  • British Columbia Native Women's Association – Delivering a virtual wellness series, including culturally relevant support, to Indigenous women and girls.
  • CA Artists for Mental Health Society - Supporting the mental health of community members and providing an accessible / affordable resource to those who are experiencing increased mental health issues as a result of COVID-19.
  • Candle Light Foundation for Girls Education Canada – Delivering essential items including food, hygiene products and personal protective equipment to racialized girls and women.
  • Cowichan Housing Association - Providing emergency shelter and support services to Indigenous people who are experiencing domestic violence.
  • Dignidad Migrante Society – Training temporary foreign workers to provide basic information about rights and benefits, as well as groceries / gift cards to their peers.  
  • Food For The Soul Project Society – Creating food boxes and delivering them to individuals and families who are living in poverty, focusing on those who are in isolation and those who have mobility issues.
  • Foolish Operations Society – Providing a free movement and music program to families with young children who are experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19.  
  • Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Prince Rupert/Port Edward Society – Supporting access to fresh local food for Nisga'a citizens living in the Prince Rupert/affiliated coverage area. There will also be opportunities for Elders, community members and youth to engage in society programming.  
  • Inspired Word Cafe Society - Creating educational tutorials for a video poem project that will be disseminated to schools to help address the loss of activities and connections experienced by students during the pandemic.
  • Kajaks Track and Field Club – Providing equipment, facilities and additional coaching and staff resources to adapt training programs to ensure athletes can continue training in a safe and sanitized environment.
  • KAS Cultural Society – Expanding online Squamish language classes for children and youth as a means of supporting community resilience during COVID-19.
  • Lower Fraser Valley Aboriginal Society – Providing outreach and respite care to Indigenous parents of children with higher needs.
  • Mid Island Metis Nation - Providing direct food supports to community members who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 including Elders, youth, and families who are struggling with poverty and unemployment.
  • Migrant Workers Centre BC Society - Developing resources with information on COVID-19 and programs, policies, and supports that impact migrant workers. Also providing Spanish outreach services to isolated migrant agricultural workers in the Okanagan region.
  • Mission Alano Club Non-Profit Society – Providing in-person support and access to addictions recovery in a safe environment that follows public health COVID-19 protocols.
  • Mother's Recovery Tribe Society – Delivering relapse prevention programming to mothers who have been impacted by a lack of addiction support services during COVID-19 and the overdose crisis. Additional services, including a mother’s wellness group and podcast, will also be offered.
  • North Island Metis Association – Providing a kit containing gardening supplies and tips, and information about Metis foods and the use of traditional plants to Metis people living on northern Vancouver Island.
  • North Park Neighbourhood Association – Providing immediate and basic human needs support to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Nuru Training Association – Distributing COVID-19 health kits to immigrants and training seniors on how to protect themselves against COVID-19.
  • Oromian Canadian Association of BC – Purchasing and delivering groceries and personal protective equipment to seniors, single parents and newcomer families who are facing financial challenges during COVID-19.
  • Pursuit Projects Society - Delivering groceries to seniors and other at-risk community members.
  • Queer Yukon Society - Hiring staff and coordinating volunteers to help Yukon’s most vulnerable LGBTQ2S+ community members access community resources, peer support, and direct aid during the pandemic.
  • Rainbow Coalition for Refugee with Rainbow Refugee Society - Enhancing supports related to livelihoods, health and mental health, basic needs and social connections for LGBTQI and refugee newcomers.
  • Reach Community Support Society – Ensuring outreach programming can continue during the pandemic by recruiting additional volunteers and providing COVID-19 protocol training.
  • Restorative Justice Program of the Sunshine Coast - Further developing the capacities of the youth mentorship program to provide opportunities for at-risk youth to be heard and resolve conflicts through virtual and group gatherings.
  • Royal Academy of Bhangra Society - Hiring counsellors to provide wellness training to students to help them identify and manage their feelings during the pandemic.
  • Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre – Providing hampers to meet basic needs and address food security challenges being experienced by young at-risk Indigenous families.
  • Shuswap Immigrant Services Society - Addressing the increased impact of isolation on newcomers caused by the pandemic.
  • SPARK Life Education Foundation – Providing care packages and online workshops on financial literacy for the community with a focus on reaching children and youth and those living in supported housing.
  • Start Fresh Project Society - Providing free cooking and farming classes in a therapeutic environment to people struggling with addiction, mental health, and other social barriers.
  • Support Network for Indigenous Women & Women of Colour – Delivering care packages of food, personal care items, puzzles and sacred healing herbs to racialized women.
  • Supporting Team Excellence with Patients Society – Ensuring support can continue to be provided to clients and patients including those already diagnosed with anxiety.
  • Sure Word Ministries – Providing mental health support, marriage counselling and virtual support to help address a reported increase in domestic violence during the pandemic.  
  • Tofino Community Food Society – Increasing food security for children, their families and community members through food production and educational programs at the Wickaninnish Community School garden.
  • Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild – Providing support to ensure rural and remote communities are able to access healthy food during the pandemic.
  • Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition – Developing online materials to ensure information on human rights is more accessible to community members.
  • Victoria Multicultural Society - Providing service and community space for marginalized community members with a focus on low-income workers, LGBTQ2S+ and Latinx communities. 
  • West Kootenay Community EcoSociety – Delivering fresh produce from local farms to low-income families who have been hit hardest by COVID-19.
  • Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club - Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to coach youth who are learning to ski, while following COVID-19 protocols.
  • Zambian-Canadian Association of Families and Friends in BC – Hiring personnel to purchase and distribute food supplies to African students who are facing increased isolation as a result of COVID 19.
  • Zaytuna Services Society - Delivering basic medical supplies to those in need with a focus on seniors, newcomers and families who are experiencing increased isolation during the pandemic. 

Manitoba and Nunavut

  • Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation – Providing dine-in meals for those experiencing increased isolation and homelessness due to COVID-19, ensuring proper health and safety protocols are followed.
  • Ghanaian Union of Manitoba Inc. - Recruiting volunteers in the Ghanaian community to purchase and deliver groceries to members and families who are experiencing financial challenges due to COVID-19 and to those who are self-isolating.
  • India Association of Manitoba – Providing support to at-risk community members with a focus on seniors, women and girls.  
  • Kenyan Association of Manitoba – Addressing cultural biases towards mental health by providing counselling to members of the Kenyan community including youth and students.
  • Le Club Jovial – Securing personal protective equipment for the Club and its members.
  • Manitoba African Film Festival - Training African youth living in the inner city of Winnipeg in the art of rapid storyboarding and filmmaking.
  • Manitoba Chinese Family Centre – Delivering webinars to teach new skills such as sewing and baking to newcomers who are experiencing increased isolation. Information about COVID-19 will also be shared.  
  • Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. – Providing hampers containing supplies requested by members to help them weather the pandemic.
  • Refugee Immigrant Farming Integration in Manitoba Inc. – Mobilizing volunteers to provide newcomers with over-the-phone COVID-19 information and mental health support while also providing access to tablets and delivering food supplies.
  • Salaam Canada – Recruiting and training facilitators to provide online peer support discussion groups to meet the increased demand for support from LGBTQ Muslims.
  • Seine River Services for Seniors – Purchasing appropriate equipment to thoroughly disinfect rented venues, as well as a forehead thermometer for screening.
  • Shawenim Abinoojii Incorporated – Recruiting dedicated personnel to support staff during COVID-19, thereby allowing essential services to continue.  
  • Sous le Baobab – Training and mobilizing new volunteers to reach out to community members in the Winnipeg area who are experiencing increased isolation as a result of COVID-19, to check on their wellbeing and ensure they have access to medications.
  • The Barbados Association of Winnipeg - Creating a virtual coffee house where hosts and tech helpers will encourage at-risk Black adults to use communication devices, to help reduce feelings of isolation.
  • The Holistic Ongoing Opportunities Development - Facilitation and Management Services - Offering culturally appropriate prevention programs to newcomer youth who are at risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Unemployed Youth Africa - Delivering webinars, workshops and mentorship programs to Indigenous and racialized Black youth.
  • Winnipeg Chinese Senior Association - Mobilizing volunteers to reach out to seniors who may be feeling isolated and lonely. Virtual sessions will allow seniors to socialize and participate in activities such as dancing, exercise, cooking and gardening. Groceries will also be delivered.

 New Brunswick

  • Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick – Realigning services for the Chinese Canadian community in the Fredericton area by moving courses online for children and youth.
  • Club d'Âge d'Or St-Jacques Coop Ltée – Engaging additional, external support to disinfect the facilities to ensure a clean and healthy environment for staff and participants during COVID-19.
  • Fédération des étudiantes et étudiants du Campus universitaire de Moncton - Providing food and essential items to students who currently have no income and are not eligible for emergency government funds during COVID-19.
  • Filipino-Canadian CommUNITY of New Brunswick Inc. - Mobilizing volunteers to assist newcomers upon their arrival in New Brunswick by providing transportation from the airport and delivering groceries and other vital items during the pandemic.
  • Groupe de Support Émotionnel Inc. – Providing transportation to and from the activity centre for people in group homes or supportive living who cannot currently access transportation due to COVID-19.
  • Moncton Minor Basketball Association – Covering additional costs of gym rentals, particularly in terms of sanitization requirements due to COVID-19, to continue offering basketball programs to children and youth.
  • New Brunswick People First – Purchasing iPads to allow members to stay connected during the pandemic.

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Badger's Quay Lions Club – Providing supplies to seniors, people living with mental illness and/or disabilities, and those living in poverty.
  • Benoit First Nation - Delivering food hampers and offering hot meals to Indigenous individuals and families in need, with a focus on those living in poverty and those experiencing homelessness.
  • First Technology Association Inc. – Engaging underserved and under-represented youth in an innovative COVID-19-modified virtual / hands-on robotics program.
  • Flat Bay Band - Supporting the Tajike'k Centre in delivering programming to Indigenous populations.
  • NL Association of the Deaf (NLAD) – Working to remove barriers faced by the deaf community in successfully accessing and using technology.
  • NunatuKavut Community Council Inc. – Providing food, personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies and culturally appropriate, virtual mental health supports to seniors across the territory.   
  • Stable Life – Recruiting and training staff to be able to provide more services during the pandemic, including expanding the equine assisted program.
  • Violence Prevention Northern Peninsula – Providing information to women on available safety services, masks to children, and safety kits to seniors.  
  • We Care Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador – Recruiting and training staff and volunteers to reach out to at-risk immigrants and new Canadians experiencing increased anxiety, social isolation, domestic violence, mental illness and economic challenges. Culturally appropriate webinars will also be created. 

Nova Scotia

  • Berhan Cultural and Education Center Association – Training additional volunteers to enhance a project that teaches children and trains parents. Teaching videos and webinars will be produced to ensure entire families are engaged.
  • Care for Refugees – Providing computers and grocery cards to newcomer households that are at-risk due to the pandemic.
  • Colchester Sexual Assault Centre – Increasing access to programs and services and providing aftercare to clients, with a focus on women and girls who are experiencing domestic or gender-based violence.
  • Colchester Transportation Cooperative Ltd. – Subsidizing transportation costs for clients living in low income and implementing additional safety measures to ensure the cleanliness of vehicles during COVID-19.
  • Community CARES Youth Outreach – Hiring additional personnel to support underserved youth and young families during the pandemic.
  • East Preston Empowerment Academy – Offering a pre-apprenticeship online training program for African women who have lost or are in danger of losing their jobs due to COVID-19.
  • Glace Bay Universal Negro Improvement Association – Providing food hampers to seniors, with a focus on African Canadians and those living in low income.
  • Highland Manor Fundraiser Committee - Providing free meals to clients, engaging additional staff and purchasing equipment where needed.
  • Immigrant Migrant Women's Association of Halifax – Recruiting a coordinator to plan, organize and offer a support group to respond to increasing financial, food security, and wellness needs of single mothers facing gender-based violence.
  • MusGo Rider Valley-Sheet Harbour Cooperative Ltd. - Providing subsidies to low-income clients in rural Nova Scotia so they can access critical services such as medical appointments, groceries, pharmacies, etc.
  • PBJ Design Society - Providing wellness kits to isolated seniors in Halifax to support self-care practices and reduce social isolation.
  • Regroupement des aînés de la Nouvelle-Écosse – Recruiting and training volunteers to reach out to isolated seniors by telephone or video conference.
  • Resource Opportunities Centre serving Terence Bay and Lower Prospect – Providing access to regular meals in a safe and socially-distanced environment for seniors, many of whom have been isolated throughout the pandemic.
  • Rural Transportation Association – Ensuring community-based transportation providers and their staff and volunteers have the appropriate supplies needed to safely transport clientele.
  • The Loaded Ladle Halifax Co-operative – Addressing food security challenges by providing food boxes with ingredients to students and other community members so they can participate in online cooking workshops in real time.
  • The Sudanese Association of the Maritimes - Delivering groceries to low income families, newcomers, and seniors, and recruiting and training volunteers to reach out to those most at-risk with a focus on children and youth.
  • Victoria County Home Support Services Society - Training homecare workers to connect with senior clients who are experiencing increased isolation as a result of COVID-19.  


  • Afghan Network for Social Services Foundation – Providing personal protective equipment and raising awareness about COVID-19 among newcomers.
  • African Family Revival Organization – Mobilizing volunteers to support isolated and at-risk Black and newcomer families with relevant, language-appropriate, scientifically-backed information about COVID-19.
  • Afro Centre For The Arts - Providing curbside pick up or delivery of groceries to at-risk members of the community, such as children and youth and those living in low income.
  • Algoma Community Legal Clinic – Hiring and training a paralegal to provide legal advice, assistance, resources and referrals to tenants at increased risk of eviction due to the economic consequences of COVID-19.
  • Algoma Traditional Music and Dance Group – Delivering accessible and interactive online programming to people of all ages, to build community and connection through sharing, learning and creating music, dance, and song.
  • Alianza Hispano Canadiense de Ontario - Purchasing groceries, personal items and medication for at-risk community members including seniors, newcomers and temporary farm workers who are in isolation as a result of the pandemic. 
  • Al-Nadwa Educational Islamic Center – Delivering healthy food boxes to families living in low income and other at-risk community members including seniors, new immigrants and the unemployed.
  • Alsalam Foundation – Addressing food security needs by expanding the provision of supplies to families living in low income.
  • Beyond the Wall Covenant Ministries - Delivering food and supplies to single parent families and seniors. Training will also be provided to assist seniors with financial literacy and accessing government programs.
  • Burlington Trampoline & Tumbling – Providing activities to children to help maintain a sense of normal life during the pandemic.
  • Cambridge Ringette Association - Ensuring a safe and continued return to ringette, allowing youth to remain engaged and to develop the qualities of sport, community and personal growth.
  • Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders - Creating webinar content for caregivers to help them stay connected during the pandemic.
  • Canoraa Inc - Providing support, food assistance and referrals to mental health resources to at-risk youth, women, girls and seniors in the Black Francophone community in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Centre Communautaire Francophone Windsor Essex Kent – Distributing COVID-19 information, personal protective equipment and counselling services to at-risk members of the Francophone community.
  • Centre Communautaire Regionale de Sarnia Lambton – Ensuring regular meal delivery to those who are at-risk and cannot access food or groceries during the pandemic, including seniors.
  • Centre français Hamilton – Addressing social isolation among the senior Francophone community by distributing tablets and offering a virtual program.
  • Centr'Elles: Centre des femmes francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario – Providing food, transportation and access to technology to at-risk Francophones including isolated seniors living in low income.
  • Club Renaissance Sacré-Coeur de Welland - Delivering a monthly newsletter to Francophone seniors in Niagara focusing on information about COVID-19 and good news that touches on the emotional, cognitive and physical domains.
  • Conseil des organismes francophones de la région de Durham - Providing webinar-based finance training to new Canadian families to help them manage their finances and any lost income as a result of COVID-19.
  • Council of Agencies Serving South Asians – Operating a toll-free helpline to provide members of the South Asian community with information about COVID-19.  
  • Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Expanding budgeting workshops into online webinars and to create webinars for any Canadian, particularly those living in low income, on how to deal with the financial impacts of COVID-19. 
  • danceShala – Conducting online dance workshops for children and adults in the Greater Toronto Area.   
  • DawaNet – Providing food assistance to food-insecure families in Mississauga who have been affected by COVID-19. Hot, prepared meals will also be provided to shelters for the homeless across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Documentation Ethnoculturelle des Jeunes – Mobilizing volunteers to help provide immediate food support to Black Francophone youth in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Enugu State Multicultural Services – Providing groceries, personal protective equipment and webinar training to new Canadian families, refugees, seniors, and other at-risk community members.
  • Flo's Seniors Health and Care Programs Network – Addressing mental health issues being experienced by seniors during the pandemic by supporting them in accessing community-based information and food.
  • For Hungarians in Canada Association – Using virtual webinars to address social isolation among seniors and to provide information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Fostering Forever Friendships – Creating online classes to maintain the health and support of adults with exceptionalities and their caregivers.
  • FrancoQueer – Providing food aid to support members living in poverty or in precarious situations, many of whom have lost their jobs or are having difficulty finding them because of the pandemic.
  • Garvi Gujarat Seniors Group - Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to provide winter supplies and virtual recreational workshops to Gujarati seniors in the Peel region who are experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19.
  • Guyana Ottawa Cultural Association - Providing online cultural, educational and entertainment programming to racialized Black members of the community.
  • Humane Society International / Canada – Providing people living in low income in Toronto with urgently needed pet food and supplies, veterinary care, transportation, and temporary placement for their pets where needed.
  • Hungarian Seniors Association of Canada – Delivering regular food hampers to at-risk seniors who are living in low income in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.
  • Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario – Delivering pallets of food, clothing, medical supplies and sports equipment to northern Ontario Indigenous First Nations.
  • INSPIRE Church – Designing and delivering online resources on financial literacy, budgeting, COVID-19 government financial supports, and employment and skills training opportunities to women in racialized, newcomer and low-income communities.
  • Integrative Canadian Group Organization - Delivering food and basic life necessities to seniors, people living with disabilities, and others who are struggling to access these services during the pandemic.
  • Kensington-Bellwoods Community Legal Services – Creating a safe office space where low-income clients who lack reliable, private phone or internet access can attend virtual hearings and get the legal support they require.
  • Kulture Musings - Creating kits and interactive programming to support the mental health of at-risk members of LGBTQ2S+ communities.
  • Le Villageois de Lafontaine – Mobilizing new volunteers to set up virtual activities and provide comfort and care for the physical and psychological wellbeing of residents in isolation.
  • Levant - Recruiting a mental health consultant, artists and volunteers to deliver mental health support group sessions and art workshops for Arab newcomer women.
  • Markham York Region Youth For Change Organization – Delivering a mentorship and empowerment project for young women in York region to help them stay connected and provide them with the tools, skills and resources needed to rebuild their capacities.
  • Meet And Greet Senior Club – Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to reach out to seniors in the Mississauga area who are experiencing increased isolation, depression or loneliness as a result of COVID-19.
  • Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic – Raising awareness about various government recovery benefits among immigrant communities. Assistance will also be provided to non-English speaking, low income clients in accessing these benefits.
  • Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization – Supporting the physical health of racialized Chinese by hiring exercise and arts instructors to provide online dance, yoga, tai chi, and fitness classes.
  • MomLinks Canada – Recruiting and training mothers to reach out to isolated racialized, immigrant moms and elder moms who are at risk of domestic violence or elder abuse and supporting access to critical goods such as food.
  • National Association of Indo-Canadians – Recruiting and training volunteers to deliver goods and services to seniors in the South Asian community of Toronto, with a focus on those who are living alone.
  • Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association - Providing grocery gift cards to Black African and Caribbean families, especially those who have been adversely affected by COVID-19.
  • Next Gen Men – Supporting the delivery of an after-school club for boys, and the delivery of online community events and the maintenance of a private online community for adults of all genders across Canada.
  • Nigeria Canadian Community and Sports Development – Recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to assist and provide services to people and families, including Black community members, who are experiencing economic, psychosocial and emotional distress as a result of the pandemic.
  • Omagh Seniors Centre – Providing counselling services to seniors who are living with mental health issues, living with disabilities, or who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Ontario Basketball Association – Modifying basketball drills to avoid contact, to allow player development to continue in a COVID-19 environment.
  • Operation Save Canadian Youth – Providing food gift cards and training focusing on mental health issues to youth from low-income families.
  • Organisation Horizon Jeunesse Démunie – Recruiting volunteers to coordinate activities aimed at ensuring the wellbeing, safety and security of at-risk community members.
  • Ottawa Gymnastics Centre – Hiring personnel to provide recreational programming to women and girls at a time when opportunities for recreational activities are limited.  
  • Pingfanren Arts Seniors Center - Designing and delivering online courses to help seniors and newcomers stay connected during the pandemic.
  • Pirouette Rhythmic Gymnastics Club – Delivering in-person classes for recreational and competitive gymnasts in a newly leased facility while adhering to COVID-19 protocols.  
  • Place du Partage - Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to raise awareness about COVID-19 among seniors and ethnocultural Francophone families in the Windsor area.
  • Portuguese Club of Cambridge - Delivering community-based supports to at-risk seniors, women, youth and newcomers who are affected by the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.
  • Prestige African-Canadian Support Services – Delivering virtual COVID-19-related health awareness and education programs to the Black community. Food and personal protective equipment will also be provided to at-risk community members in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Quinte Curling Club – Improving access to recreational activities for seniors who are particularly vulnerable to the psychosocial impacts of the pandemic.
  • San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre - Creating a digital health education platform and virtual video library in Spanish to provide COVID-19 awareness training to Spanish speaking families in Toronto.
  • SAWITRI Theatre Group – Recruiting and training new generation South-Asian volunteers to reach out to isolated South-Asian language-speaking seniors, engaging them in learning creative self-expression through virtual and physically distanced in-person workshops.
  • Sisters Overcoming Together Inc. - Providing food and clothing to single mothers.
  • Soch Community Health Promotion - Delivering culturally tailored online workshops that target the unique mental health needs of the South Asian community. Additional volunteers will be trained to ensure more frequent workshops can be offered.
  • Sorauren Farmers' Market Association – Recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to deliver fresh produce to at-risk neighbourhoods in Toronto.
  • South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario - Hiring a community legal worker to support staff in meeting the increased demand for services from low income South Asian communities.
  • South Asian Women's Rights Organization - Establishing an online information series to provide updates in Bangla/English regarding government economic supports, health and safety measurements, and job opportunities in a COVID-19 environment. Food and personal protective equipment will also be distributed.
  • St. Elizabeth Family Support Services - Distributing grocery gift cards to families of visible minorities and those living in low income in the Toronto area, as well as those who are experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19.
  • The Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council Inc - Hiring a coordinator to facilitate deliveries to Indigenous communities and to recruit elders to gather and harvest medicines for use during the pandemic.
  • Time to Talk - Uncovering Youth Experiences – Delivering leadership and self-development workshops for racialized and immigrant girls and youth who are experiencing disproportionate impacts of COVID-19.
  • Tookhar Tamasha Arts – Recruiting volunteers to reach out to isolated seniors, new immigrants and people living in low income. Online computer literacy and yoga classes will also be offered.  
  • Transformation Institute for Leadership and Innovation – Providing COVID-19 awareness, information and education to racialized Black community members.
  • Vasantham - A Tamil Seniors Wellness Centre – Providing counselling, referrals and immediate relief to Tamil women and elders who are experiencing domestic violence and/or financial abuse.
  • Visible Minority Radio & TV Network - Recruiting and training volunteers to reach out and check on the wellbeing of newcomer families in Halton region and to provide groceries to those impacted by COVID-19.  
  • Waveland – Providing free live virtual concerts to help reduce anxiety, depression and isolation among seniors living in care homes during the pandemic. 
  • Wise Artistic Center - Training and coaching Black artists and new immigrant volunteers to reach out, virtually, to Black seniors in Ottawa-Gatineau who are experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19.
  • World Multicultural Festival – Hosting virtual cultural discussions and activities for culturally diverse communities across Canada, with a focus on reaching children and youth.
  • Yang’s Ping Pong Association – Offering virtual trainings to racialized Chinese Canadian youth to support their mental health during the pandemic.

Prince Edward Island

  • Aboriginal Women's Association of PEI – Purchasing and delivering cleaning and personal protective equipment to Aboriginal people who are experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19.
  • Association des Francophones de l'âge d'or de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard – Creating a portal to help strengthen the digital skills of Acadian and francophone seniors, while expanding the organization’s online presence.


  • A.I.P.E.O. Canada – Training and equipping immigrants, distributing health kits and producing a promotional video.
  • Aide aux Trans du Québec – Hiring additional counsellors to meet the increased demand for psychosocial support during COVID-19.
  • AQDR Saint-Michel – Providing food, entertainment and connection to seniors feeling isolated during the pandemic.  
  • Association hockey mineur Collines de l'Outaouais – Providing access to ice time for minor field hockey players, ensuring COVID-19 health and safety protocols are followed.  
  • Association Salam (Paix) de Montreal – Recruiting volunteers to reach out to families in need, particularly those living in low income, and to raise awareness about how to remain connected while socially distancing during the pandemic.
  • Association Sportive Les Ballons Intensifs - Recruiting, training and mobilizing coaches and facilitators to mentor young athletes in the Montreal area who are struggling with the cancellation of extracurricular activities due to COVID-19.  
  • Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi du Témiscamingue – Equipping staff and participants with protective equipment and the tools needed for virtual meetings to ensure programming can continue.
  • Centre d'amitié autochtone du Lac-Saint-Jean - Supporting the urban Aboriginal population of the Lac-Saint-Jean region to help ensure the safety of individuals and families.
  • Centre d’Éducation, de Services Professionnels et d’Orientation pour les Immigrants et Résidents du Québec – Recruiting personnel to provide assistance to anyone who has recently arrived in Canada and is having difficulty accessing services during the pandemic.
  • Centre de formation communautaire CPEC – Adapting in-person training courses to virtual models for community social workers who support at-risk populations.
  • Club de sport en fauteuil roulant de Gatineau – Providing wheelchair activities for people living with disabilities who are coping with increased isolation during COVID-19. 
  • Club Techno Culture - Providing laptops, tablets and technical support to families in need, to ensure access to online learning.
  • Collectif culturel mondo - Fostering intercultural interaction and the promotion of cultures through artistic performances on web platforms.
  • Collectif Montréal en Action - Designing and disseminating free educational webinars, podcasts and resource booklets for Black Canadians who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.
  • Comité de revitalisation urbaine intégrée du quartier Saint-Pierre – Continuing to support families during the pandemic with various resources, including access to online cooking classes. 
  • Compagnie Théâtre Créole – Supporting the mental health of seniors by providing a series of virtual artistic presentations (poetry, storytelling, theatre and dance) utilizing the talents of professional and emerging artists.
  • Concert'Action Lachine – Informing community members about COVID-19 health and safety protocols, screening clinics and available community resources.
  • Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle - Adapting services and facilitating virtual access to services for women who have experienced sexual exploitation.
  • Concertation Saint-Léonard – Equipping at-risk families with computer equipment, internet access and technical support to promote social inclusion.
  • Conseil local des intervenants communautaires de Bordeaux-Cartierville – Mobilizing personnel to raise awareness about COVID-19 among those living in low income, and to inform and refer people in need to screening and appropriate resources.
  • Dorion Dream Center – Providing nutritious food to clients who have pre-existing health conditions with a focus on children and youth, newcomers and seniors.
  • Fédération des Communautés Culturelles de l'Estrie – Mobilizing volunteers to distribute food and hygiene products to at-risk immigrants and to raise awareness of COVID-19 health and safety protocols.
  • Fondation pour nous les filles - Designing and delivering webinars for young women and girls on wellness, mental health and professional development.
  • Friperie communautaire Huntingdon – Recruiting a staff member to assess the need to reorganize the processing of donations and the provision of services to ensure the continued safe provision of services during COVID-19.
  • Ives Ntambwe - Recruiting, training and mobilizing youth volunteers to provide personal protective equipment and supplies to low-income families from the Congolese community in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.
  • Kif-Kif Familles mobilisées en action – Supporting newcomer immigrants or those at-risk by raising awareness about COVID-19.
  • La Corporation de développement communautaire Solidarité Saint-Henri - Ensuring people living in low income, including temporary foreign workers, have access to food and health and safety information during the pandemic.
  • La Table de quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve – Distributing information about available resources to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  
  • Le phare de l'espoir – Recruiting additional tutors to support youth who have fallen behind academically or who are isolated as a result of the economic crisis.
  • Les habitations populaires de Parc-Extension - Ensuring a safe and healthy environment is provided for tenants while sharing information on the steps they can take to protect themselves during the pandemic.
  • Les Habitations St-Christophe – Providing protective equipment and increasing sanitization to ensure a safe environment for staff and residents.
  • Logements populaires du Bel Âge – Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for tenants during COVID-19.
  • Lucioles, coop de Solidarité – Utilizing an outreach worker to support the wellbeing and help meet the needs of low-income families.  
  • Maison de la famille Des Chenaux – Adapting activities to an online format, focusing on families and children who are living in low income.
  • Montérégie East Partnership for the English-speaking Community – Introducing online and in-house art classes to seniors who are experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19.
  • Overture with the Arts - Providing underserved families in the Montreal area with an artistic escape to help address isolation brought on by the pandemic. Programs will be adapted to online formats and art will be used to support positive mental health.
  • Partance, centre d'emploi pour femmes – Addressing the food, health and hygiene needs of women, particularly those living with mental illness.
  • PINAY (Filipino Women's Organization in Quebec) - Mobilizing volunteers to reach out to Filipino seniors and caregivers who are experiencing hardship and isolation as a result of COVID-19, to check on their wellbeing, deliver groceries, and refer them to government services.
  • PLURI – Adapting trainings to an online format with a focus on members of LGBTQ2S+ communities.
  • Quebec Public Interest Research Group – McGill – Providing regular deliveries of groceries and household necessities on a pay-what-you-can basis to anyone who orders through the group’s Facebook page, particular people living with disabilities.
  • Regroupement des associations de personnes traumatisées craniocérébrales du Québec - Organizing virtual meetings to reach people with traumatic brain injuries and their loved ones who are living in isolation and to share public health COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Rendez-Vous Familial Pointe St-Charles – Providing regular meals to at-risk individuals in the Mekinac region, particularly those living in low income.
  • Réseau Actions Missionnaires Entraide Phare – Supporting at-risk families in the Montreal area, particularly those living in low income.
  • Réseau d'agriculture urbaine de Québec – Installing indoor hydroponic vegetable gardens on the premises of organizations providing food aid, thereby ensuring healthy, fresh food is available to at-risk individuals.
  • Réseau Habitation Femmes – Bridging the digital divide for socio-economically disadvantaged women by providing access to training, computer equipment and the internet while adhering to COVID-19 protocols.
  • Service d'entraide des Hauts-Reliefs – Recruiting and training volunteers to provide food support to seniors.
  • Service des loisirs St-Fabien – Adapting leisure activities to meet the needs of children and their families in a pandemic environment.  
  • Singa Québec: l’innovation sociale et enrichissement social avec des refugies – Supporting immigrant populations while adhering to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.
  • Société d'habitation de Coteau-du-Lac – Installing plexiglass panels in the dining rooms to allow seniors to enjoy meals in a friendly environment. In addition, the rooms will be disinfected to provide a safe and healthy space for everyone.
  • Table de concertation des aînés de Portneuf - Reaching seniors and people living with disabilities with information related to coping with COVID-19 and contact information for available community resources.
  • Townshippers' Association Inc. - Creating activity and information packages for the English-speaking minority language community to help address isolation during the pandemic. 
  • West Island Chinese Community Center of Montreal – Liaising with a local school to provide online courses for women and children to reduce social isolation and improve academic development during the pandemic.


  • Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan – Providing personal alert devices and access to a support circle to Indigenous women and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community.
  • Beauval Aboriginal Head Start Program – Supporting children, parents and caregivers with home programming.  
  • Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton – Providing children and youth with learning kits to keep them active and assist with their development while at home.
  • Communauté des Africains Francophones de la Saskatchewan (CAFS) – Providing non-perishable food and personal protective equipment to members of the African community in Saskatoon. Online counselling and training sessions will also be held.
  • Kineepik Metis Local – Hiring personnel to work with volunteers to provide outreach support to people living with mental health issues due to COVID-19.
  • Les Auvergnois de Ponteix – Designing and providing information, training and entertainment for at-risk families and individuals, to help address isolation related to COVID-19.
  • Metis Central Western Region 2 Council Incorporated – Mobilizing volunteers to provide holistic care to members of the Métis community by ensuring their basic needs are being met and counselling is provided.
  • Metis Nation Saskatchewan Queen City Local 34 Incorporated – Recruiting and training volunteers to reach out to Métis households in Regina who are experiencing increased isolation as a result of COVID-19, to check on their wellbeing, safely deliver groceries, and ensure they have access to medications and personal protective equipment, if required.
  • New North SANC Services Inc. - Providing training and support to volunteers who are working in underserviced Indigenous communities in northern Saskatchewan, providing mentoring, outreach and service navigation to youth at risk of experiencing domestic violence.
  • North Sask River Metis Nation Local 269 – Reaching out to seniors and youth who are experiencing increased isolation as a result of the pandemic. They will be connected to online cultural activities and supplies will be delivered to support participation.
  • Pelican's Nest Safe House - Providing alternative therapies such as art, sound and yoga to Indigenous communities in northern Saskatchewan.  
  • Regina Treaty / Status Indian Services Inc. – Supporting food security and basic personal and wellness needs for at-risk Indigenous families and children.
  • The Generation Love Project - Providing care packages containing food, hygiene supplies, clothes, and household supplies to families who are experiencing financial challenges during COVID-19.

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