Community Partnerships Ottawa Area Tornadoes 2018

After a disaster, local community organizations play a critical role in recovery by helping to identify community needs and gaps in services, leading coordination of recovery initiatives, providing services for the most vulnerable, and building community resilience to future emergencies.

The Red Cross has allocated up to $300,000 in project funding to assist non-profits, charities, and other community organizations with their relief and recovery efforts in support of the families and communities impacted by the 2018 Tornadoes in the Ottawa area.

Key Information

The Community Partnerships Program is a project-based grants program that funds community organizations to respond to community recovery needs and resilience-building priorities after a disaster.

Please note that the Community Partnerships Program is no longer accepting applications for projects related to the 2018 Ottawa Tornadoes.

Recovery Areas

Projects can address a wide range of community recovery needs and resilience-building priorities. The list below represents potential areas of focus for Community Partnerships projects, based on Red Cross experience in supporting recovery in other communities affected by disaster:
  1. Emergency Relief: meeting the immediate needs of impacted populations through individual and community-based support.
  2. Community Strengthening: Enhance community networks of support that promote recovery and resilience building.
  3. Safety & Wellbeing: Increase the delivery of services that address individual wellbeing and protection, as well as strengthen formal and informal psychosocial support structures and networks.
  4. Indigenous Programming: Enhance culturally-appropriate support structures, programs and activities that build from community assets to address and meet emerging recovery needs and priorities of impacted Indigenous communities.
  5. Disaster Risk Reduction: Increase community capacity to mitigate, prevent, prepare for and recover from future disasters at both the personal and community levels.


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