Note on the BC Fires system error

The Canadian Red Cross experienced a system error during a period of registration for the B.C. Fires. During this time, the Canadian Red Cross received several reports from beneficiaries stating that they could see registration fields populated with another evacuee’s information. This information may have included some, but likely not all, of the following –name/ address/ phone number/ date of birth/ email / gender/ emergency address/ and the names of other individuals registered in your residence.

This did not include any banking information.  The Canadian Red Cross does not collect any banking information as part of the registration process or during the provision of direct financial assistance.

While we only believe a small number of registrations were directly affected, we are reaching out in an abundance of caution to anyone who registered during the potentially affected timeframe.

The Canadian Red Cross takes the security of personal information extremely seriously. Following a thorough internal investigation, the following corrective measures have been taken:
  • Upon being alerted of the issue, the Canadian Red Cross shut down the registration portal and asked all evacuees to register using the call center.
  • The Canadian Red Cross quickly changed systems to better ensure the security of your personal information.
  • We have reviewed and updated our internal privacy procedures to ensure increased safety measures are in place moving forward.
  • The Canadian Red Cross is taking steps to notify the relevant privacy commissioner.
Only those who have registered during an affected timeframe, who we believe could be affected are being notified. If you do not hear from us it is because you have not been identified as a potentially affected registration.

If you have any privacy-related questions, please feel free to contact the Office of the Privacy Officer directly at 1- 888-832-6585 or If you have questions or concerns about your registration or about financial assistance, please call 1-800-832-6582.