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Helping end sexual and gender-based violence: Available resources

Women from the back

Sexual and gender-based violence, in a nutshell, means harmful acts against a person based on their gender identity. These acts can occur in private or in public, and include things that inflict physical, sexual, or mental harm and suffering. Education is an incredibly important part of confronting and working to prevent sexual and gender-based violence. Below are some suggested readings and trainings to help you understand sexual and gender-based violence and have a better idea of how to be part of the solution.

Women from the back

Seeking justice for survivors of gender-based crimes in war

3 books on top of eachother

Sexual violence in many modern armed conflicts is a terrible reality. Under International Humanitarian Law (IHL) it can be a war crime. Despite provisions in the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols that explicitly prohibit rape and other forms of sexual violence, sexual abuse of women, girls, boys and men in armed conflict is still frequent and widespread. The path to justice for survivors can be daunting.

3 books on top of eachother

Gender equality and social inclusion at the core of gender-based violence prevention in Haiti

Several people standing or sitting, wearing white Red Cross bibs, posing.

In honour of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, the Canadian Red Cross is highlighting our efforts to prevent and fight gender-based violence in our communities and around the world.

Several people standing or sitting, wearing white Red Cross bibs, posing.

Silver lining: Blizzard creates an opportunity to build connections and community in Nunavut

When a blizzard left some Red Crossers stranded in Nunavut, they decided to use it as an opportunity instead and ended up offering a psychological first aid course in their hotel for their fellow stranded travellers and whoever was interested. 

Canadian and Myanmar Red Cross Societies work together to prevent violence

​In 2012, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child voiced concern about violence against children, including gender-based violence, in Myanmar, noting that there were not adequate resources in place to keep girls and boys safe. In 2013, the Myanmar Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross joined together to work towards violence prevention programs. 

A new partnership to blog about

 * Guest blog by Red Crosser Melanie Goodchild-Southwind, Senior Manager, First Nations Projects. The Canadian Red Cross in Ontario is making great strides in the work we do with our First Nations communities. We wanted to share with you news abou...

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