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Highway hero saves life using CPR

Ed Lochhead knows the importance of CPR because it saved his wife’s life.
In August, the couple was driving from Calgary to Vancouver for a much-anticipated vacation. On a remote stretch of highway in British Columbia, Ed noticed his wife, Janice, was suddenly quiet. He turned to find her unconscious and in cardiac arrest.

Ed frantically chased down a passing truck. The driver immediately called 911 and performed lifesaving CPR.


How to save a life in four minutes

Last August, James Boshart saved a life. It happened unexpectedly while he was out at a garage sale in Clinton, Ontario with his brother. One minute he was focused on finding a diamond in the rough, the next he was performing CPR.

Making music in Mozambique: Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the year

After high school, many graduates head off to college or take a gap year to travel. Jack Bennet, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, dared to do something different. What he accomplished earned him a Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the year award.

Light up purple on World Mental Health Day

On October 10, 2012, Amanda Todd committed suicide. Unbeknownst to her, it was World Mental Health Day—since 1992 this day has been highlighted to bring awareness of and hope for mental health issues. Yet few Canadians know of this day and the millions who struggle with mental health issues.

FCL partnership helps with flood responses in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

With thanks to the support provided by Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), trained Red Cross volunteers responded immediately to the flooding in Saskatchewan and Manitoba with prepositioned goods such as cots, blankets, clean-up and hygiene kits.  Red Cross has already provided thousands of clean-up kits and hygiene kits to communities in both provinces.  Red Cross outreach teams are continuing to meet with families impacted by the flooding to determine what additional help will be needed as they begin to recover in the weeks and months ahead.

A healthy place to shop in more ways than one

Whole Foods grocery stores are a great place to shop if you are focusing on your health. But a team of employees from the Mississauga location took “being healthy” to a whole new level when they saved the life of a co-worker last summer.

They say timing is everything

Last fall, Brian Andrade and his wife, Chantelle Lavallee, took a first aid training course in preparation for the birth of their baby; and it’s a good thing he paid attention. What Brian couldn’t have known at the time was that a month after taking the training, he’d have to use it to save the life of Chantelle when she collapsed 13 days after delivering their baby. Had it not been for Brian’s immediate response, Chantelle would not have survived.

Photo of the Day: John Gallin and his pockets full of change

Since the beginning of the year John Gallin has visited his local Red Cross branch in London, Ontario to donate his pocket change. Inspired during a first aid course, John decided his goal was to visit the branch every week to make his donation. In the past 12 months John has surpassed his goal of $100 and has donated almost $600 with a few weeks left still!

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