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Preventing injury and illness in the workplace: updates to Canadian First Aid Guidelines

Working with and around others on a regular basis is often mandatory in our workplace but there are safety precautions we can all take to help minimize the risk of injury or illness. Check out these updates to the Canadian First Aid Guidelines.

"Everything aligned" for a dramatic rescue in Squamish, BC

A woman is found frozen in remote Squamish, British Columbia. The story of her rescue seems almost impossible, combining luck with a dedicated team’s refusal to give up. 

Are you prepared to save a life? Take our CPR quiz

With most heart attacks occurring at home, do you feel prepared to respond in a cardiac emergency?
November is CPR month to bring awareness to the importance of being prepared to help someone in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

First aid tips and resources for wilderness adventures

When it’s as beautiful outdoors as it has been this summer, it’s a great time of year to enjoy nature. Before you set out for the great outdoors, are you prepared in case of an emergency? Whether you’re hiking, camping or enjoying other backcountry adventures, know what to do in case of emergency when medical care isn’t close by.

Turning prep time into rescue time

It was an ordinary Tuesday for middle school teacher Deborah, but in a matter of seconds that all changed. By chance, Deborah was walking by the lunch room where Mike, a colleague, had been eating lunch. The pizza that he was eating had become lodged in his throat and Deborah quickly recognized that he was choking.

First aid makes a difference in the workplace and at home

As a paramedic, I recently responded to a call in a local store for a female who may have been having a seizure. When I entered the store, staff greeted me at the door and guided me several aisles down to a female lying on her side on the floor. Store staff had already redirected customers away from the scene while another staff member was down by the injured woman’s side, keeping her calm.

First Aid app to the rescue

Just recently I was vacationing in South America, waiting at a very busy bus station when I noticed a woman had dropped to the ground. I couldn’t tell for certain what had happened, but I understood there was a medical emergency. The first thing that popped into my head was: ‘what if she needs CPR?  I may be able to help.’

From football to the science behind first aid

I am a huge football fan, which means Super Bowl is a sacred event each year. This year I was lucky enough to spend Super Bowl weekend with 250 of the world’s leading cardiac resuscitation experts.

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