No task too challenging when helping others

Growing up in Southern India, Ashwin’s journey with humanitarian work began in disaster management where he volunteered in urban and rural vulnerable communities. He helped to support projects that provided education, attention, and financing to supply clean drinking water and hygiene to those living in underdeveloped geographic areas experiencing oil spills, cyclones, floods, and landslides.

Ashwin, in a Red Cross vest, standing outside a warehouse in front of suppliesAshwin witnessed the resilience of these communities and was inspired by their ability to bounce back after a disaster.

His experience left him eager to dive deeper into disaster management, and after coming to Canada that’s exactly what he did. When Ashwin arrived in Canada, he sought opportunities to volunteer in disaster management and was intrigued by the scale of assistance provided by the Canadian Red Cross.

He wanted to be part of an organization that helps vulnerable populations both within and beyond Canada. Today, Ashwin says he is thankful to be an employee at the Canadian Red Cross. As an emergency response team supervisor then, and as a logistics Officer today, he’s had the opportunity to meet many strong people who have welcomed him with open arms, both to Canada and to his role with the organization.

Ashwin, in a Red Cross vest and grey toque, talking to someone.When Ashwin’s phone rang with a call to participate in the Canadian Red Cross’ COVID-19 response to provide comfort and care to repatriated Canadians in Trenton, Ontario, he jumped at the chance. The opportunity, which was in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces and other partners, left Ashwin feeling honoured and accomplished. The opportunity came during a time when the impact of COVID-19 was uncertain, and Ashwin didn’t hesitate.

“To work with a team that was fearless, putting their lives on the line, it made me feel very proud,” says Ashwin.

In addition to the Trenton response, he’s been deployed to Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Kapuskasing, and Winnipeg as part of the emergency response team.

Working at the Canadian Red Cross has been a fulfilling experience for Ashwin.

“Every minute with the organization is a happy one,” he says. The welcoming culture, people, and ability to make an impact on a day-to-day basis make him feel grateful. He’s proud to put on the Red Cross vest when help is needed.

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