Volunteering during a pandemic, Baxter Canada supports Toronto Mobile Food Bank

Baxter Canada has supported Canadian Red Cross programs for years, helping Canadians when they need it the most, and, despite a global pandemic, has continued to provide support to several programs, including the Mobile Food Bank program in Toronto. Baxter has shown its dedication to the program since the beginning of the partnership and has maintained a steady roster of volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic when volunteer support was limited.

The rewards were overwhelming for Baxter volunteers, as well as for the Mobile Food Bank program, so we wanted to share their words about this experience and thank Baxter Canada for their continued involvement.

The Mobile Food Bank is a unique Red Cross service that fills a gap in addressing food security, by delivering food to people who are unable to access a traditional food bank. The program provides clients access to nutritious meals, including perishable and non-perishable food items, which must be prepared. Baxter has sent groups of five people to make a difference during a three-hour shift on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Three people placing foods into many paper bags lined up in rowsBaxter Canada’s ongoing support has resulted in 42 of its employees contributing 133 volunteer hours to the Mobile Food Bank, since January 2020. The appreciation and gratitude from clients who receive these services is immeasurable and the support is very appreciated by our program team.

“All I can say about Baxter is that their support since day one has been truly outstanding,” says Jason Adolph, Canadian Red Cross Mobile Food Bank Coordinator. “The organization is a true champion when it comes to helping a community program like the Mobile Food Bank. Those who have volunteered have been friendly, very engaged and have always taken great care with the work they do while volunteering. Their generosity and kindness are on full display when participating in a volunteer session. The Baxter organization has strong leadership, and it is very clear that their corporate message of caring for the community has spread far and wide throughout the company.”

While Baxter Canada has been a corporate partner for more than three years, supporting in several community programs across Canada, such as the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) and the Priority Assistance to Transition Home (PATH) program. Most recently, employees rose to the challenge to help others by supporting an Indigenous First Nations community in Northern Ontario, when the need for direct involvement became apparent during this pandemic.

A man in a mask smiling while putting food on a shelf“Working with the Canadian Red Cross Mobile Food Bank has deepened my understanding of those who face food insecurity in my own community,” notes James Teaff, President and General Manager, Baxter Canada. “No Canadian should have to worry about putting food on the table, which is why the extraordinary work being done at the Canadian Red Cross Mobile Food Bank is so vital. Along with all Baxter Canada employees, I am always grateful for the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and help.”

It may just be a few hours for the volunteer, but their help affects many long after.

“My local team and I look forward to volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross Mobile Food Bank every year,” explains Tammy Goodwin, Associate Director, Advanced Surgery. “It only takes a few hours out of our day but makes a big impact on those in need. More than ever, organizations like the Canadian Red Cross need our help. I encourage others to take some time to give back; you won’t regret it!”

Supporting community-based programs like the Mobile Food Bank in Toronto has benefitted those involved – and supported vital humanitarian connection.

Mauricio Manjarrez, Director, Finance, has been a large contributor to the Mobile Food Bank and continues to lead food drives throughout it all.

“With simple acts of service that include giving our time, sharing our food, or simply smiling at a stranger, we can feel connected to each other,” adds Mauricio. “When I serve others, I do not think of it as volunteering or helping. Helping is giving something; serving is sharing the best part of ourselves. Thanks to the Canadian Red Cross for allowing me to be of service.”

The Canadian Red Cross thanks Baxter Canada for its dedication to helping Canadians.

“I am grateful that the Mobile Food Bank has the support of Baxter and I look forward to further interactions with the individuals who take the time to volunteer,” says Jason. “Their efforts have a positive impact on the lives of those people who we support.”

Learn more about volunteering at the Mobile Food Bank. If you’re a corporate group looking to get involved, please reach out to Tom Scinto at tom.scinto@redcross.ca.
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