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A fishing trip gone wrong and how lifejackets saved everyone

By Farah Ng, Canadian Red Cross Digital Volunteer

Jim and his wife always remind their friends how important it is to wear their lifejackets when they go out on the water.

A few years ago, they were out fishing in a Saskatchewan provincial park with another couple. Jim remembers asking his wife if she had caught a fish. That’s when he noticed that she appeared to be dozing off.

“Next thing I knew, she toppled over the boat,” says Jim. “The boat tipped and all of us were in the Portrait of Jim fishingwater.”
Jim’s wife had passed out. Doctors later said it must have been caused by being out in the sun. Luckily, she recovered quickly and everyone in the boat was wearing a lifejacket.

Two other families spotted the couples in the water and helped get them to dry land. They were even able to bring the boat back to shore.

“You should always wear a lifejacket because you never know what could happen,” says Jim. “It could be a health emergency and have nothing to do with a boating accident or something you do.”

Jim also notes that it’s important wear your lifejacket properly and to use the whistle to call for help.

We’re happy to report that Jim and his wife continue to go fishing! They credit the lifejackets and fellow boaters for saving their lives.

Learn more about lifejackets and PFDs and how they save lives.

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