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6 gift ideas that show how much you care

If you are celebrating the holidays with gifts, consider giving meaningful gifts that could save a life, or make an emergency situation much more bearable for a loved one or even a stranger.

Whether driving in snowy winter conditions or just being ready for everyday first aid emergencies, here are some gift ideas that will be sure to make an impact with your loved ones.

And if you’re like most Canadians - when we surveyed Canadians, 63 per cent said they feel compelled to donate to charity or volunteer their time this holiday season – we also have wonderful opportunities for you to give back to your community and beyond.

  1. Giving a survival kit can mean providing blankets to someone in need.If you want to spread your generosity to the most vulnerable people in Canada or around the world, consider donating a Survival Kit for someone in need. You can choose how to help: either select a gift amount or pick items such as warm blankets or a newborn health and nutrition pack to build a Survival Kit for urgent needs in Canada and abroad.

  2. Basic First Aid KitGive the gift of preparedness with the Basic First Aid Kit, which is stocked with the necessary tools to equip you to manage various situations. You will be able to treat bleeds, burns, sprains and strains, eye emergencies, small wounds and environmental emergencies. There are many innovative features to this kit, along with the Canadian Red Cross Pictograph Booklet, allowing you to educate yourself at a glance to prepare for medical emergencies.
  1. Consider our new Fundamental First Aid Kit, the most compact first aid kit we offer. While it is conveniently sized to fit just about anywhere, this kit offers first aid solutions for many everyday scenarios. This kit contains core first aid supplies such as nitrile gloves, Quick Access Bandages, an Instant Cold Pack, a triangular bandage and gauze pads. All these tools are more than adequate to treat bleeding, burns, sprains, strains, and small to medium wounds.Our fundamental first aid kit
  1. Winter Roadside KitFor loved ones driving this winter, this is the most comprehensive roadside kit yet - our Winter Roadside Kit is prepared to help combat the snowy driving season even in the worst conditions Canada has to offer. Equipped with over 70 different emergency supplies (including food and water rations, auditory and visual distress signals, first aid tools, collapsible snow shovel, heavy duty traction mat, booster cables and more), the Winter Roadside Kit is a good foundation on which to prepare a travel safety plan. This kit is packed into a durable, easy-to-find, easy-to-grab high visibility backpack that fits perfectly in the trunk of your vehicle for easy access in case of emergency.
  1. Disaster preparedness kit for four peopleThink bigger and include your entire family or colleagues with the Deluxe Disaster Preparedness Kit with water rations, designed to give you the essentials for your family or workplace’s emergency preparedness plan for four people. This kit features over 115 emergency supplies including food and clean water rations to sustain four adults for 72 hours, a handcrank LED flashlight radio, multifunction knife, and a 40-hour candle with waterproof matches. This kit also includes a belt loop first aid kit with supplies to treat minor to moderate wounds. All of this is stored in a durable, easy-to-find, easy-to-grab backpack you can keep in the closet or in the car for when you need it most.
  1. Consider giving the gift of self-care with our psychological first aid course.If you want to give a gift of skills, as well as tools, consider giving a course in first aid or psychological first aid offered through a training partner in a community near your loved ones. The psychological first aid course teaches self-care skills and participants will come away with coping strategies to prevent, identify and deal with stressful events, and they will better understand what supports are available to them and how they can access or help others to access specialized support. Take a look at our courses and see how they could benefit your loved ones.
Any of these gifts will make a lasting impact. If you want to continue to give back to your community, consider volunteering with us.
Have a safe and happy holiday season!
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