Your summer safety guide

It's summertime! While we all race outdoors to enjoy everything warm weather brings, it's good to be prepared to safely enjoy summer activities.

Whether your family enjoys swimming, boating, sports, hikes, or beaches, stock up on Canadian Red Cross tips and resources to keep everyone stay safe.

Water Safety
When enjoying water activities, always be prepared with water safety tips and resources. Learn how to swim, don't forget to wear properly fitted life jackets/PFDs, and find out how to boat safely with training and resources from Canadian Red Cross.

Outdoor activities
Enjoying activities such as bike riding is part of summer but ensure you’re ready to minimize incidents. Here are some tips to avoid common injuries while bike riding. First aid will help you be prepared for everything from bumps and bruises, to burns and asthma attacks. You should also protect yourself for summer-related skin irritants, such as insect bites and sunburns. Download the free Canadian Red Cross first aid app for quick access to first aid tips. 

With temperatures rising in summer, it’s good to take the time to brush up on summer safety resources, such as first aid. It is important for everyone enjoying the outdoors to know how to prevent heat emergencies, recognize when someone has been in the heat for too long, and be able to provide help when needed. There are lots of fun ways to cool down in the summer, such as splashpads and cold treats such as popsicles. 
Summer can bring extreme weather in the shape of severe storms, forest fires and tornadoes. Knowing what to do before, during or after natural disasters can help you and your family be better able to cope with the unexpected. As always, know the risks of natural disasters in your area, make a plan and have an emergency kit that will sustain you for at least 72 hours.

Visit as your summer safety resource and enjoy all summer has to offer safely!

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