Swimming and Water Safety Tips & Resources

Information and resources around how to stay safe in, on and around water.

Swimming, Boating & Water Safety Tips

For many Canadian families, summer includes activities such as boating and swimming. But each year, tragic and avoidable water-related fatalities occur across Canada. The Canadian Red Cross has all the information you need to stay safe on and around water.  

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Rescuer Award

The Red Cross Rescuer Award acknowledges the efforts of non-professional rescuers and off-duty first responders who go out of their way to save a life, prevent further injury and/or provide comfort to the injured.

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Red Cross Aquatic Safety Plan

The Aquatic Safety Plan Guide & Template for Aquatic Facilities is a risk mitigation tool based on federal and provincial/territorial legislation, guidelines, and expectations around the planning needed to manage the risks associated with aquatic-related safety incidents, and the training needed to respond appropriately to these incidents if they occur.

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