Tech Talk: The future of First Aid may be in your phone

As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone, it is really amazing to think about all of the innovation in mobile phone technology and how it impacts our health, provides life-saving information, and provides information in a disaster or emergency.

Cell phone heart attack

But imagine if your mobile phone could alert you when you are about to have a heart attack and make a call on your behalf? According to the Washington Post, scientists in Switzerland have developed a tiny implant (measuring only 14mm) that measures chemicals like troponin and glucose and sends the results straight to your smartphone.

This kind of preventive technology can also be applied to other health emergencies and has immediate benefits to diabetics and those undergoing cancer treatment who rely on frequent blood monitoring and management. Experts believe that medical technology like this implant will be commonplace within 25 years. But until then, we are keeping up to date on our first aid and CPR training to help us respond in the event of a health emergency!

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