Tech Talk: New apps bring first aid to your phone

What’s the first thing many of us do in an emergency situation? We turn to our smart phones for help. Whether it’s to call 9-1-1 or to look up information, mobile devices have become our go-to technology. That’s why we’re excited to check out two new mobile apps recently launched by sister Red Cross societies.

first aid appThe American Red Cross is now offering a free first aid app for iPhone and android users that has some pretty cool features. You can use it to brush up on your first aid knowledge, get safety tips for common disasters and do interactive quizzes to earn badges (and bragging rights). The app also gives practical, step-by-step advice on what to do in a variety of emergency situations, from how to stop bleeding to dealing with an allergic reaction. It also allows you to connect directly to 9-1-1 should you need to call for additional help.

We like that it’s interactive, has preloaded content so users don’t need to worry about reception or access to a network in an emergency and uses gamification to encourage people to have fun while learning first aid.

Meanwhile, the Singapore Red Cross also recently launched their Rapid Rescue app for mobile phones. It allows users to locate and request help from first aiders in their vicinity during an emergency. It uses location-based technology to alert first aiders to the emergency. They can then respond to the SOS alert and accept the mission of providing first aid. The app also allows users to call an ambulance and gives the location of nearby hospitals.

We like it because it’s all about helping people in need in following the mission of the Red Cross, and helps people get timely access to help when time matters the most.

Apps are not a substitute for first responders or proper first aid training of course, but these are great tools to make first aid that much more accessible.

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