Photo of the Day: Canadian Red Cross helps a little one

Red Cross helps your girl

Five-year-old Alyssa from Truro, Nova Scotia found herself in quite a predicament, recently, after having injured her foot upon accidently colliding with her dog Bailey. After an exhaustive search for tiny crutches in her hometown went nowhere, a determined Alyssa turned to the Canadian Red Cross to see if they could help. As luck would have it, a brand-new, pint-sized walker donated years ago turned out to be a perfect fit for the little girl. Both mom and daughter were delighted and Alyssa was able to return to school. And not to be forgotten in this adventure is Bailey the dog, who is also on the mend.

The Canadian Red Cross provides more than 50,000 pieces of health equipment to Atlantic Canadians every year through the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP), ranging from crutches and canes to specialized equipment such as wheelchairs. For more information about this free service, please visit or contact your nearest Red Cross office.

In photo from left to right: Lindsay (Alyssa’s mother), Alyssa and Red Cross volunteer Carolyn Nelson.

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