Support your local Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP)

The Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) by the Canadian Red Cross offers health equipment to seniors, people recovering from illness or injury and others, enabling them to live independently and with dignity. Healthcare providers refer clients to the Canadian Red Cross, and health equipment is carefully selected and tailored to suit their specific recovery needs.

HELP is a community-based service that relies on support from provincial governments, community grants, health authorities, donated equipment and financial contributions from donors. Available equipment and programming vary by Province and HELP is supported by professional staff and dedicated volunteers. HELP is available in B.C., Alberta, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Yukon territory.

Your financial donation enables the Canadian Red Cross to provide people with help, hope, and compassion at a time of need.

Eligible donations will receive an immediate tax receipt via email.