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Philanthropy News

History of the Canadian Red Cross

May 22, 2013 - In the spring of 1885, Dr. George Sterling Ryerson set the foundations for what would later be known as the Canadian Red Cross Society by sewing two strips of red fabric onto a piece of white cotton and draping this over horse-drawn wagons transporting injured men.

Celebrating 150 years of the Red Cross Movement

May 08, 2013 -

On May 8 2013, the Canadian Red Cross honoured World Red Cross Day - a day where people all over the world, united in their belief in humanity and their desire to make the world a better place, celebrated 150 years of humanitarian action by the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Celebrating World Red Cross Day

May 07, 2013 - World Red Cross Day honours the valuable contributions that volunteers, staff and other supporters of the 187 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies that comprise the Red Cross Movement as a whole.

Three ways you can show your support for the Canadian Red Cross

May 03, 2013 - Are you eager to make a difference in your community, but you're unsure how to get started? Consider these three ways that you can show your support for the Canadian Red Cross.

Take advantage of the triple match gift offer today

April 10, 2013 - Have you ever wanted to make a difference, but wondered what kind of impact your donation might have on those in need? With the triple match gift offer, you can make your dollars go three times further, and in the process, you can support more people with much-needed resources.

Put your loyalty points to good use with the Canadian Red Cross

March 08, 2013 - By participating in loyalty point programs, you can provide the Canadian Red Cross with a reliable source of aid and contribute to the humanitarian work that the Canadian Red Cross conducts around the world!

Show your support for the Canadian Red Cross with a BMO MasterCard

February 19, 2013 - One of the best ways that you can show your dedication to the humanitarian ideals of the Canadian Red Cross - and reward yourself in the process - is by signing up for a BMO Canadian Red Cross MasterCard today.

Show a little love this Valentine's Day for the Canadian Red Cross

February 14, 2013 - This Valentine's Day, share the gift of compassion by showing your support for the Canadian Red Cross. 

Canadian Red Cross honours passing of long-time philanthropist

February 04, 2013 - The generous contributions made by the Pindoffs to the Canadian Red Cross benefited the lives of many individuals in need. 

How should you celebrate International Volunteer Day?

December 07, 2012 - This year, in honor of International Volunteer Day, you may want to consider the benefits of becoming a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross.