Earn Aeroplan Miles and SCENE points with every donation to the Red Cross this September

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Canadian Red Cross | September 02, 2019


The work the Canadian Red Cross does in Canada and around the world would not be possible without help from the countless Canadians who donate every day. That’s why, this September, we have a can’t-miss offer to say thank you to everyone who gives.

From now until September 30, donors will earn 100 Aeroplan Miles® or 100 SCENE® points for every $5 they give to the Canadian Red Cross. This opportunity only comes once a year – so don’t miss out! 

That means every dollar you give gets you free movies faster or flying sooner. For example, when you give $200, you will earn 4,000 Aeroplan Miles or 4,000 SCENE points — enough to get you two General Admission Movie Tickets (with drinks and popcorn!) or bring you one step closer to making your dream vacation a reality. 

And while this offer won’t last long, the opportunity to earn is far from limited: there’s no limit to the amount of Aeroplan Miles or SCENE points you can earn!
It's a rare opportunity to collect valuable rewards points while giving back to vulnerable people who need our help.



Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, the trip of a lifetime or a night at the movies, this limited-time offer is the quickest way to earn valuable rewards points while helping someone in need. 

With help from Canadians like you, we were there when flooding swept through Eastern Canada this Spring. Donations helped us be in Mozambique, setting up field hospitals and cholera treatment centres after Cyclone Idai destroyed more than 100,000 homes, impacting more than 1.8 million people. 

Your donation can be the difference for someone experiencing an emergency. It can mean food, shelter, clothing, and comfort. And in September, you can feel doubly good knowing that your contribution doesn’t just mean warm blankets and life-saving vaccinations; it means family movie nights and unforgettable vacations. But only if you give before midnight on September 30, 2019. 


*Donors who elect to receive Aeroplan® Miles and/or SCENE® points for their donation are not eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt.

SCENE points will be credited to the member’s account within 48 hours from the date which the donation was made, Aeroplan Miles will be credited to the member’s account within 60 days.
®Aeroplan and the Aeroplan logo are registered trademarks of Aeroplan Inc. SCENE® is a registered trademark of SCENE IP LP, used under license. Read the full TERMS AND CONDITIONS here.