Alberta Fires Appeal: Your donation in action

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Canadian Red Cross | June 02, 2016

Alberta Fires response

As the Canadian Red Cross continues its response to massive wildfires in the Fort McMurray area, donations from generous and compassionate Canadians from across the country are helping to provide accommodations, food, water and supplies to evacuees.

More than 80,000 Albertans were forced to leave their homes in the largest fire-related evacuation in the province’s history. The Canadian Red Cross is supporting efforts at local shelters in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lac La Biche.

Beyond meeting the immediate needs of evacuees, the Canadian Red Cross is committed to working alongside the people affected by this disaster, not only today, but also in the weeks, months and even years ahead as they work to rebuild their lives.

The Canadian Red Cross will work closely with government, local community leaders and other organizations to ensure funds are used efficiently and to avoid duplicating efforts.

Canadian Red Cross Donor Rights

At the Canadian Red Cross, transparency, accountability, and security are important to us. Donations made to the Alberta Fires Appeal will be used to help meet the immediate needs of individuals, families and communities and help to support those affected by the fires along their road to recovery.

The Canadian Red Cross is very conscious of making sure that donors’ money is used efficiently, assisting with personal recovery by providing individuals and families cash supplements for food, clothing, medical equipment, childcare, household goods, rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, transportation and occupational items to help people return to work.

The fundraising cost related to any emergency appeal will not exceed five per cent. Remaining funds will be used for Red Cross operations to support vulnerable people, families and communities. This includes a small portion of funds, one and a half percent, which ensures the Canadian Red Cross is ready and prepared to respond to future disasters.

You can learn more about your rights as a donor here.

Canadians wishing to support those affected are encouraged to make a financial donation to the Alberta Fires Appeal online.

Photo: Amber Bracken / KlixPix

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