Ready When the Time Comes

About the Program

Ready When the Time Comes is a Canadian Red Cross volunteer engagement program that allows the Red Cross to utilize its partner corporations’ valuable human resources to support their community. In partnership with the National Founding Sponsor, Grainger Canada, the Red Cross recruits, trains and prepares employees to create a community-based volunteer force that can be mobilized during large-scale natural disasters such as floods, wildfires or tornadoes.

This program gives employees an opportunity to reach out to their fellow citizens and provide them with much-needed help during difficult times. It also associates their company’s name and brand with the Canadian Red Cross, one of the world’s most trusted charitable organizations. While creating an opportunity for participants to give back to their community, this program is also an excellent way to motivate employees, build leadership and management skills, and encourage teamwork.
Logo of Acklands Grainger, founding partner of Red Cross program Ready When the Time Comes

Thanks to the invaluable support of companies like Grainger Canada, Aviva and Bombardier Inc., the Canadian Red Cross can build its capacity to respond whenever and wherever disaster affects Canadians. 


logo desjardinsCooperation is part of Desjardins’ DNA. Desjardins has been supporting the Red Cross for several years, through donations as well as volunteer work during disasters. Desjardins is part of the Red Cross’ Ready When the Time Comes program, which trains employees to become disaster response volunteers. This increases Red Cross disaster response capacity and allows Desjardins to quickly offer support and comfort directly to those affected. Desjardins is proud to partner with the Canadian Red Cross in helping those most in need.

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