Join our Corporate Partners

Whenever natural disaster or crisis hits, our national corporate partners and supporters are right there with us on the frontline.  
Through their generous support, the Red Cross can respond immediately, mobilizing emergency supplies, disaster teams and medical specialists to ensure help reaches those who are counting on us. 
Our national partners and supporters also strengthen communities in Canada and around the world by supporting programs that help keep children and families safe and healthy. 
There are a number of ways your company can become involved. Find out how a partnership with the Red Cross can make a difference to your organization
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Employee Engagement
  • Cause-Related Marketing & Licensing
  • Point-of-Sale Campaigns
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Media / Advertising Support
Our corporate partnerships team would be pleased to discuss opportunities for your company. For more information on how your company can become involved, please contact:
Tom Scinto
Director, Corporate Partnerships

Benefits of Partnership
The Red Cross is Canada’s leading disaster response and preparedness organization, responding each and every day to large scale disasters like the Fort McMurray Fires in 2016, to localized emergencies like house fires and floods. Through strategic partnerships with the Red Cross, the Canadian corporate sector can help alleviate suffering and keep communities safe.

In recognition of that support, the Red Cross provides distinct and tangible benefits to help our partners achieve their business, corporate social responsibility, marketing, employee engagement and philanthropy objectives.

With a long history of providing invaluable service to Canadians, the Red Cross is one of Canada’s most trusted and respected brands and can help create positive impact on your business while bringing social benefit to your brand and base. Our current corporate partners represent the leaders of their respective industries—hear what they have to say about their partnership with the Red Cross:

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