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Raleigh Dehaney is one of more than 20,000 Canadians who make a difference as a Red Cross volunteer

Raleigh Dehaney is one of more than 20,000 Canadians who make a difference as a Red Cross volunteer

Interested in joining the largest humanitarian organization in the world? Apply today to become a Canadian Red Cross volunteer!

Volunteers are the heart of the Canadian Red Cross. More than 15, 000 volunteers share their time and skills to help others every day across Canada.  Learn more about the work of the Canadian Red Cross, which would not be possible without volunteers.

There are many different types of volunteer positions. Some are short in duration, while others require a longer commitment. The time commitment, location of service provision, and skill requirements vary from role to role. 

Why Volunteer?

There are many different reasons to become a volunteer.

Many of our volunteers are drawn by our mission and Fundamental Principles. Some of those who volunteer with us are interested in building professional skills, others are looking to stay active after they retire, while others want to engage more with their community.  Your reasons may be unique to you.

We want Canadian Red Cross volunteers to get the most from their experience – so we invest in them. Volunteers are provided with training to help them build skills and maximize the learning potential in their roles. Our volunteers can expect a positive and professional environment.

Volunteers make up more than 70% of personnel within the Canadian Red Cross.  We truly could not do the work we do without volunteers and we need them at all levels - including leadership. Read more stories about our volunteers.
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The Canadian Red Cross does not currently recruit volunteers for international work. Learn more about our international humanitarian aid work.