One Year Update

One year has passed since wildfires swept through northern and central Alberta, devastating homes and livelihoods. While much has changed over this year, some images do not fade.

Like the ones of plumes of smoke rising over the Town of Slave Lake. Or of entire neighbourhoods being engulfed in flames.

At the same time, Red Cross volunteers from across Canada came to help people they did not know. They registered more than 16,000 people who had been evacuated to towns across the region ensuring people had food, water, clothes and shelter.

We also recognize the invaluable contribution that residents, community partners, neighbouring towns, municipalities and cities have played in rebuilding homes and lives. The amazing initial response and progress over the past year can be attributed to communities pulling together and people looking out for one another.

While recovery is a long road, residents have made an outstanding comeback and we know they will be stronger, and more prepared to deal with future obstacles as they arise.

Since the disaster struck, Canadian Red Cross has provided assistance to families, individuals and community groups on their long road to recovery. We have helped thousands of people with housing, food, household goods, medical, school, occupational supplies and more.

As part of the relief and recovery operation, Red Cross:
  • registered more than 16,000 people, 
  • distributed $770,000 in direct aid, 
  • mobilized more than 360 volunteers and staff,
  • provided advocacy and psychological support, 
  • invested $600,000 in community projects to build resiliency and has committed an additional $2 million.
Many who were affected face new challenges as they rebuild their homes and lives. To continue fostering a strong and thriving community, Red Cross is working with partners to address health and safety concerns and better prepare for future emergencies.

We are sincerely grateful for all who volunteered, gave, encouraged and followed our mission and work. To date, we have received over $5 million in donations and countless volunteer hours to provide aid and support to area residents.

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