Northern Alberta Wildfires Response 2011

2 Million Announced for Fire-Affected Organizations

Two Canadian Red Cross volunteers in front of one of a day careThe Canadian Red Cross is proud to announce the results of the Northern Alberta Wildfires Community Project fund. The $2 million project will provide funding to various community groups impacted by Alberta’s largest natural disaster.

A committee of fire-affected community leaders and Red Cross volunteers selected 23 projects to benefit from the fund. Each of the committee members were chosen for their diverse backgrounds and connection to the community.

The projects were chosen to build capacity within fire-affected communities and to support key community gathering points. The selected projects range from replacing destroyed sports equipment to helping to repair the roof of a local community organization. 

After an extensive proposal process, the committee evaluated 49 projects based on several criteria including perceived benefit to the community, project budget, service to vulnerable community members and project creativity/innovation.

The $2 million for the Community Project fund was earmarked from donations made to the Red Cross relief effort in Northern Alberta. In total, the Canadian Red Cross raised $5.5 million in response to the wildfires. All these funds have gone directly to supporting the recovery and relief effort to those affected by the fires.

As the community rebuilds, one home at a time, Red Cross is there, with a permanent presence right in Slave Lake and support from staff and volunteers.
The Canadian Red Cross continues to provide support and recovery assistance to individuals and families who have been directly affected by the wildfires. If you are experiencing financial hardship while moving back to your new home or generally feeling overwhelmed, the Red Cross may be able to help or connect you with support.

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Information for Displaced Residents

The following document from the Government of Alberta outlines some key information for displaced residents.

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