Alberta Fires Response 2016

A Canadian Red Cross staff member talking with a woman affected by the wildfires in Alberta 2016.
In early May 2016, a wildfire tore through Fort McMurray, Alberta, destroying neighbourhoods and threatening an entire community. More than 80,000 people fled through smoke and fire to reach safety.
In the largest wildfire evacuation in the province’s history, many residents left with almost nothing and some with nowhere to go.

Red Cross response 

The Red Cross extends its gratitude and thanks for the outpouring of generosity after the wildfire. Individuals, governments, community groups and corporate partners across Canada and around the world rallied together to assist the people evacuated from their homes due to the fires. Five years after the disaster, the Red Cross continues to support the recovery of the people and the communities impacted by this devastating event.

Inspiring stories of resilience and recovery

 During the disaster and on the long road of recovery, it was inspiring to see the humanity that rose from the ashes. There were so many stories of people helping people, and below is a sample of those stories showcasing the power of that humanity.

Watch videos of inspiring recovery stories 

Donor Updates 

Canadian Red Cross is committed to providing information on our operations and on how donations are being spent. As our work in Alberta continues, regular donor updates will be made available here. 

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