How Red Cross is helping those impacted by Fiona in Canada

A collapsed barn from high winds in hurricane FionaThe Canadian Red Cross continues to support those significantly impacted by post tropical storm Fiona that hit parts of the Atlantic provinces and Quebec with hurricane-force winds and damaging storm surge September 23-24.

To date, the Red Cross has registered more than 79,000 households in all provinces impacted by the hurricane, and already distributed more than $11 million in financial assistance to over 32,000 eligible households.

The financial assistance provided to date is either on behalf of the provincial government in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador, or it is Red Cross financial assistance for eligible households from the most impacted areas that are unable to meet their basic needs as a result of the hurricane.

To date, the Red Cross has also:
  • Provided emergency shelter for more than 1,200 individuals.
  • Provided support at 20 shelters and/or reception centres in partnership with local authorities.
  • Provided more than 5,700 emergency items to impacted individuals and communities, including hygiene kits, cots, blankets, and teddy bears for children.
  • Mobilized more than 240 Red Cross personnel to support with this emergency response.
A woman in a mask and face shield, wearing a Red Cross vest,  speaking with someoneTo be eligible for this financial assistance, people impacted need to register with the Canadian Red Cross. They can register with the Red Cross by calling 1-800-863-6582 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. ADT, or in-person. Learn more at

Important updates for those impacted:

If a person has already registered with the Red Cross online, over the phone, or in person for their household they should not register again. Once a Red Cross registration number has been received by a household for Fiona that household is considered registered. Any duplicate registrations may delay the process as additional validation will be needed.

Two Red Cross team members looking at a large fallen tree with root upendedIf you have been contacted by the Red Cross to validate your identity, please bring government-issued photo identification with you. If you do not have any government-issued photo identification, then please bring your provincial health card and a piece of mail from the government or a service provider for your household, such as a bill for utilities, that is addressed to you.

If you live on Prince Edward Island, we kindly ask for your patience if you have not yet received the $250 payment for your household on behalf of the Government of PEI. The Red Cross has already distributed payments to nearly 60 per cent of the registered households on the Island. The remaining households are either in the process of payment, with funds being distributed daily, or still in the validation process due to more than one registration received for the household or incomplete information provided upon registration. Please only visit a reception centre if you are unable to complete your registration over the phone or online, have been asked to visit a reception centre in person to validate your information, or if you have urgent needs as a result of the hurricane.

The Canadian Red Cross continues to work alongside community leadership and all levels of government to best support individuals, families and communities impacted by Hurricane Fiona in their journey to recovery.

Learn more about registration, assistance, and additional resources such as wellbeing and coping with crisis at


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