11 ideas for offline activities for kids

Think your kids may be having too much screen time while we’ve been at home more these days? You’re not alone. In fact, a recent story in the New York Times describes how screen time has soared during the pandemic and could result in a bit of a ‘withdrawal’ from devices once the pandemic ends.
While screen time has its uses, we thought to provide a few offline activities that can help kids transition from the virtual world to the real world again.
  1. An adult walking slightly behind a young girl down a path through the woodsTake a hike: Get back to nature by taking kids outside. If your little ones are at home learning virtually, it’s likely they haven’t got much more exercise than their body breaks. Make it part of your daily routine to try to get out for a walk at some point during the day. Perhaps an evening walk around the neighbourhood, respecting your local protocols, or a late afternoon stroll on a nearby trail - anything like this will help your little ones expel some energy.
  2. Build a fort: kids love playing make-believe and building forts is an ageless fun activity. Whether you have fort building kits or creating a private haven out of what you have, there’s plenty of fun to be had in many places around the house. Need some fort-building ideas? During this pandemic, IKEA created blueprints of various forts using household items.
  3. Dust off your old photos while scrapbooking with the family. Your children will be thrilled to see you at their ages and you'll be able to enjoy a touch of nostalgia, if only for a moment...
  4. Turn up the volume of your favourite song and create a choreography that brings the whole family together!
  5. Get sorted: take this opportunity to sort out toys that children no longer use and give them to those around you, or others in need.
  6. Dress it up: Put on your best outfits – or even costumes - and make a fashion/fun parade!
  7. Practice family yoga, which can be very effective to help calm moods.Two youth stirring batter in big bowls.
  8. Try an indoor picnic! Pack everything you need in the kitchen and head to the living room (or room destination of your choice) for a fun lunch on the floor.
  9. Create literature! By tying a few pieces of paper together and with your family’s writers and illustrators crafting a story and pictures, you can create a book to read and re-read for years to come!
  10. FamilyChef Kitchen: As you prepare dinner, get everyone in the family involved by allocating them all a dish to make (salad, soup, main course, dessert). A family potluck or even a competition culinary style!
  11. Get ready: This one may not seem fun but it’s an important step to your family’s safety in the event of an emergency. In every household, it’s important to have an emergency plan and kit – take the time now to go over the details with your loved ones and update your kits as needed. Review the plan as a family, even practice it!
If you’d like more information on coping during difficult times, check out our parenting tips and resources.
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