Celebrating 35 years with the Canadian Red Cross

With 35 years under his belt at the Canadian Red Cross, Guy Choquet is a critical member of the organization.

His journey started at the age of 15 when he stepped forward to contribute his time as a water safety leader volunteer at the Canadian Red Cross. From then on, he never looked back.

Guy spent the next three decades seeking new opportunities at the Canadian Red Cross that offered continuous learning opportunities. His time has been spent touching many facets of the organization, including water safety, leading international relief missions, and philanthropy.

Guy standing with two women in front of a Red Cross supplies tent in HaitiHis experience at the Canadian Red Cross is inspiring and memorable – notably his two trips to Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake in 2010. First, to the Red Cross field hospital in Petit Goave, as administrator and team leader, and later as team leader in Carrefour, Port au Prince, for the cholera treatment centre field hospital.

For Guy, Haiti was eye-opening and revealed the harsh reality and devastation that exists for the people who live there. “For two straight hours during a drive, all you could see were damaged buildings and people living in tents,” Guy said. While the experience was shattering, it was a moment for the Canadian Red Cross to demonstrate its mandate – the ability to rapidly respond and support vulnerable communities.

Guy and the team hired more than 200 local staff to run the cholera treatment center which gave youth a chance to be employed. Many had never had a job before, and this was an opportunity for them to develop their job skills for the first time.

“The Haitian people were determined to get back to normal life. They refer to the 2010 earthquake as the catastrophe they hope will give the country the momentum to change.”

Today, Guy is the director of operations for the Alberta fire recovery in Fort McMurray. Most recently, he also assisted with the flood evacuation in Fort McMurray, helping people find shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic while having to evacuate his own home simultaneously.

We thank him for his contributions to the Canadian Red Cross over the last 35 years and look forward to what is to come.

Helpers of all kinds make a difference every day with the Canadian Red Cross. Explore employment and volunteer opportunities at redcross.ca/someone.
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