21 days of wellness challenge

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Join us from March 1-31 for the #21DaysOfWellness challenge on Twitter!

Why join in?

COVID-19 has made things extra tough this year. It is more important than ever to find activities to help care for your mental health.

Doing something for 21 days is a great way to start a habit of taking care of yourself and working to build your resilience.

How to participate

We’ll be posting activities daily from Monday to Friday throughout March, that will give you tools and information to help you build your mental wellness.

Follow these accounts: @RedCrossMB, @RedCrossSK, @CanRedCrossAtl, @RedCrossBCY, @RedCrossAB@CanRedCrossNB, @CanRedCrossPEI, @CanRedCrossNS, @CanRedCrossNL or check out the hashtag #21DaysOfWellness.

Follow along, comment and tag us in your posts about the challenge.

Daily topics

  1. Coping with feelings of anxiety
  2. Shifting your focus away from worrying thoughts
  3. Positive thinking during difficult times
  4. Relieving stress
  5. Connecting with culture
  6. Having fun with your household
  7. Ways to stay connected
  8. Creating a time capsule
  9. Get the right information
  10. Helping others
  11. Being patient with yourself
  12. Culture guides us
  13. The importance of gratitude
  14. Where to find help in unhealthy situations
  15. Managing an emotional roller coaster
  16. The importance of routines
  17. Finding support
  18. The four Ls of self care
  19. Dreams and goals
  20. Talking to kids
  21. Stop the spread of misinformation

Resources for wellbeing

Stress and feelings of confusion, disappointment and worry are expected during a crisis. The Red Cross has resources to help with physical and mental wellbeing.

You can also take our online Psychological First Aid courses at your own pace. Red Cross Psychological First Aid teaches you how to build up resiliency to stress and establish coping strategies.

This can be a very stressful time, but if you are struggling with continued feelings of extreme stress, can’t shake feelings of despair, anxiety or depression, please consider seeking help through your healthcare provider, family or a community organization. Asking for help is a sign of strength.

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