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5 ways to keep kids entertained this summer

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Parks and playgrounds were summer’s go-to for children across Canada. It’s still uncertain times with some places opening public areas, depending on your region, and some places still off-limits, especially for children. Even still, some Canadians may still be unsure about venturing into common domains. And we know, across Canada, some kids can be getting bored. With that in mind, we thought to bring you some ideas to entertain any children around home – still.

Two children playing in a creek1. Water Safety
Public pools may not yet be open but it’s still important for your children to learn and understand water safety. We’ve created these fun activities for kids, as well as online water safety sessions. These sessions are fun, interactive ways to learn about first aid and water safety practices to ensure a happy water season this summer: Online first aid and water safety sessions & activities now available.
2. Online Resources
Back when most families were staying at home, we created a blog with a list of resources and links for your family to enjoy from the comforts of your home. Explore zoos, aquariums, farmlands, various regions of Canada, as well as keeping their young minds sharp with educational activities, opera and theatrical experiences and so much more: Free resources and links to entertain while at home.
3. New Skills
Whether it’s learning how to cook new foods, mend or create clothing, or simply home maintenance, there are plenty of new skills for youth to learn while at home. Think of all the life skills kids can be shown around the home from repairing to budgeting, depending on their ages. For the new cyclists, we covered in-depth how to teach kids how to ride a bicycle safety, especially during COVID-19: How tips from Red Cross helped me teach my nephew how to ride a bike.
Two children walking through a forest.4. Outdoor Education
Pitch a tent or get ready to star gaze under the summer skies; with some equipment, there is much to be seen outdoors this summer. Or simply use your imagination to play age-old games such as hide-and-seek. Discover what bugs live in your gardens, explore new trails in a family hike, or have a picnic. If your kids are lucky enough to participate in day camp – or whether you and your family enjoy a campground this summer – read these tips on being ready for camping or day camp this summer.
5. Mental Wellness
Just like it’s important to give their little bodies plenty of exercise, it’s also a good idea to practice mental wellness from a young age. It could be practising mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or many other restorative techniques available. It is always important to check in on your – and your kids – mental health, especially now. It can be difficult for anyone to cope during a pandemic such as COVID-19, and this includes children. See more on how we are responding to COVID-19, including more tips and information for parents.
Regardless of what you choose to do, we hope you have a happy and safe summer this year!

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