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Online first aid and water safety sessions & activities now available

Lifeguarding equipment sitting on a beachThere may be some differences this swimming season - and please follow local distancing guidelines and rules when it comes to public water - but skills in water safety and first aid stay the same.

With that in mind, we are providing a series of online water safety sessions, Red Cross First Aid and Water Safety Tips for Families, to help keep your first aid skills strong this season.

Families are invited to join Canadian Red Cross volunteers for virtual, interactive, game-based learning sessions, highlighting the importance of first aid and water safety knowledge. 

Select a topic below to register for an online session:
Monday, July 6           1 p.m. EST Swimming in pools, lakes and oceans in Canada
Wednesday, July 8     1 p.m. EST Backyard Pool Safety - Supervision is key!
Friday, July 10 1 p.m. EST     First Aid Fridays! Heat Related Injuries
Monday, July 13 1 p.m. EST  Lifejackets - how to choose the right lifejacket, fit it and keep it in good condition
Wednesday,  July 15 3 p.m. EST Lifejackets - the best one is the one you wear!
Friday, July 17 12 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! HELP and Huddle - Keep everyone warm!
Monday, July 20 1 p.m. EST Prepare for Your Boating Trip
Wednesday, July 22 1 p.m. EST Stay Safe During your Boating Trip
Friday, July 24 1 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! Scrapes, cuts and other wounds
Monday, July 27 1 p.m. EST Know your limits! Know what to do if you see someone in distress
Wednesday, July 29 1 p.m. EST Dangers of Open Water - Know the risks and the fun wherever you swim this summer!
Friday, July 31 12 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! Bee Stings, animal bites and knowing what to do!
Wednesday, August 5 1 p.m. EST Lifejackets and other buoyant vests - are they safe? What you should know about staying safe, in, on and around the water
Friday, August 7 4 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! Prevention of choking - know the danger
Monday, August 10 1 p.m. EST Summer Fun around the water - how to enjoy spray parks, wading pools in your community
Wednesday, August 12 1 p.m. EST Backyard Pool Safety! Know the rules
Friday, August 14 1 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! A choking demo for you and your family
Monday, August 17 2 p.m. EST Next Steps - you can be a Water Safety Instructor or a Lifeguard!
Wednesday, August 19 4 p.m. EST Water Safety Reminders from Buckles!
Friday, August 21 2 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! A CPR demo for you and your family
Monday, August 24 1 p.m. EST Stop! Ask! Go Slow!  A slogan for all ages!
Wednesday, August 26 1 p.m. EST Next Steps - you can be a Water Safety Instructor or a Lifeguard!
Friday, August 28 12 p.m. EST First Aid Fridays! Debunking First Aid Myths

Check out these fun activities to do with kids to help learn water safety skills; click on the activity to open:

Buckles colouring activity Buckles spot the differences activityBuckles test your knowledge activity

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