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Family fun during a winter storm

By Vanessa Racine, Social media coordinator

When you wake up in the morning, you peek out the window and see that the neighbourhood has been transformed. Everything is covered in a thick blanket of pristine white snow, and the flakes continue to fall. Schools are closed, the kids can barely contain their excitement, and you wonder how you’re going to keep them busy for the day. One thing is for sure: you’ll have keep your travels to a minimum and bundle up if you venture outdoors.
First, make sure that your emergency kit is fully stocked and have one for your car if you plan to drive. Additionally, stay on top of weather warnings and road conditions, and follow updates from local authorities on the radio, news channels or social media. Since the risk of power outages increases during storms, it’s important to never use a barbecue, propane or a generator indoors and always have a flashlight handy. To learn what to do during a storm, you can find lots of tips on our website to make sure that you are prepared.

If you make the wise decision to spend the day inside, here are some suggestions for activities that will keep the whole family busy:Adult and child hands working on a kitchen counter with eggs and a cookbook sitting out
  • Dust off your old photos and do some scrapbooking together as a family. Your kids will get a kick out of seeing you at their ages, and you can take a walk down memory lane.
  • Crank up your favourite song and put together some choreography that incorporates the whole family!
  • Take the opportunity to sort through the toys that the kids no longer use and offer them to friends and family.
  • Dress up in your best outfits and put on a fashion show (yes, dad too!)
  • To calm down anyone who is bouncing off the walls, a family yoga session can be amazingly effective.
  • An indoor picnic can be a hoot! Pack up everything you need in the kitchen and move to the living room for a fun dinner on the floor.
  • Attach some sheets of paper together and have the writers and illustrators in the family join forces to make a book that you can read and reread for years to come!
  • While making dinner, get the whole family involved by assigning each person one dish to prepare (salad, soup, main course, dessert).

For more fun ideas, we’ve created free online resources to keep you entertained at home; check out our Free resources to keep you entertained at home: Part 1 and Free resources to keep you entertained at home: Part 2.
Here are some additional resources to help you look after your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as that of your loved ones, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please visit our COVID-19 resource page for the most current information about Red Cross programs, support and tips. 

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