In her own words: She joined the Red Cross after living through Hurricane Katrina, now she helps others impacted by disasters

Brandy Cheramie of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, has been volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross for three years. During that time, she has helped people impacted by forest fires in British Columbia, flooding in New Brunswick in 2017 and 2019,  a major apartment complex fire in Toronto and tornadoes in Gatineau, Quebec.

Volunteer Brandy at a laptop“I am always willing to help if I am available,” said Brandy. “While everyone’s situation is different, I know what it was like to be evacuated and to ask for help.”

Brandy grew up and raised her three children in southeast Louisiana where they were impacted by many tropical storms and flooding - including Hurricane Katrina.   

“I waited to register with the Red Cross – as a single mom with three children I knew I needed support,” said Brandy. “I am very prideful (and) it took a lot to admit I needed help and the Red Cross was there for me, so now I can be there for others.”

She deployed to New Brunswick for 21 days to help people impacted by this year’s flooding and will continue to support from home in Bridgewater.

“I work on the technical side of things, making sure our database of registrations is up to date and that people are receiving the help they need in a timely manner,” explained Brandy. “I can do anything with a phone and a computer so even if I am not physically in New Brunswick, I will help people from home.”

“Brandy is an amazing support to our team in Atlantic,” said Clarice Legrow, Senior Manager, Systems. “She has the ability to be knowledgeable, managerial and yet still have a soft touch that is needed.”

“It doesn’t matter what I am doing to help I just want people to know during their times of need there are people who care about them and their wellbeing,” added Brandy.

The work of the Canadian Red Cross is possible because of the tireless work of our volunteers. If you’d like to join, visit or contact your local Red Cross office.
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