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In her words: a Nova Scotia fisher finds time to volunteer

Volunteer Tammy Saunders joined the Canadian Red Cross in the spring of 2012.  A self-employed commercial fisher, Tammy says the seasonal nature of her work gives her portions of the year that she likes to fill with volunteering.
Tammy Saunders at work as a fisher

“Kindness is one of the most undervalued virtues that we must share,” Tammy said when asked what inspires her to volunteer, “It is free to give and priceless when received. I’ve been volunteering with various organizations since I was 11.”
In her years with the Red Cross, Tammy has helped in responses across Canada, which has led to some memorable experiences, “In 2017, I went to the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick to help manage one of the more than 40 warming centres and shelters that opened after an ice storm left thousands without power. I helped with setup, registration and client needs assessments. Some residents stayed overnight while others came to have a hot meal and a shower, and everyone was able to get information updates. We also provided cots, blankets and other supplies to other shelters run by municipalities and other groups.”
Tammy Saunders volunteering during an emergency response“I also deployed twice to British Columbia that year, once to Kamloops, and then to Williams Lake to assist wildfire evacuees from the Caribou Regional District. During my first deployment I managed a shelter and for the second, I did case work, assisting evacuees in finding sustainable housing. In the early part of such a major response, it’s about emergency relief, which means helping people meet basic needs like clothing, food and shelter. As the response expands, it’s about helping people get back on their feet.” 
What does it mean to be a Red Cross volunteer? Well in Tammy’s view, “You can give as much time as you have depending on your level of commitment, availability and what you are comfortable with. You can choose to assist locally in your community or across the country.” 

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