In her own words: volunteer Suha Nassour shares why she gives back to her new community

Suha Nassour is one of our amazing volunteers in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Suha immigrated to Canada and wanted to give back to her community so she volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross in the HELP program and has assisted in public education through emergency preparedness presentations. This is why she gives back in her own words:
Suha Nassour is a volunteer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who immigrated to Canada and wanted to give back to her communityTell us a bit about yourself.
I am originally from Syria. I moved to Canada with my husband who is Lebanese Canadian in 2018. I was trained as a pharmacist at Damascus University and am now registered as a pharmacist here in Canada. I have one more step to complete to get my license to practice.
How long have you been volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross?
I have been volunteering with the Red Cross since 2018.
Why do you volunteer?
For me, volunteering is a wonderful way to be with people, hear their stories and learn about my new country and community. I have met many volunteers from all walks of life and we work together to help people. It is a continuous learning journey for me, as well as being able to give back.
Tell us about your role as a volunteer with the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP)?
The Red Cross offers loans of a variety of health equipment to assist clients with mobility issues due to surgery or illness. I provide customer service, administrative support and help select the appropriate equipment to match health professional referrals. It is always rewarding to hear from clients that they find the equipment very helpful in their daily activities.
Would you share some of your most memorable experiences with Red Cross?
I recently co-presented basic steps in emergency preparedness to two high schools, a business and newcomers to Canada, as part of Emergency Preparedness Week. We raised awareness on why being ready for an emergency such as a house fire or flood is so important. We also demonstrated how to create an emergency grab-and-go kit. Every family should have one!

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