Useful tips and resources to prepare for flooding

Several provinces including Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are on heightened alert for flooding as a result of high water levels that are putting several communities at risk.

In Quebec, Canadian Red Cross volunteers are currently providing emergency services such as shelter and food to residents affected by floodingIn Quebec, Canadian Red Cross volunteers are currently providing emergency services such as shelter and food to residents affected by flooding in Gatineau, the Laurentides region and in Rigaud. See more details on the response in Quebec including the location of reception centres in affected communities, and more on the response in Ontario.

Red Cross teams in other parts of the country are prepared to respond if called upon to help.

Resources to prepare for flooding

Download the Weather Network app for useful alerts and tips related to all types of disasters including flooding.
The first step to being flood ready is to be aware of the risks in your community.  The Government of Canada’s Flood Ready website provides helpful information to prepare for flooding, including risks in different provinces and useful tips to help home owners reduce the risk of damage due to overland flooding, as well as a series of videos such as this one.

We encourage Canadians to listen to local news and to follow the instructions from local authorities when a flood warning is issued in your area. Local media may also broadcast an alert through the Alert Ready system with important information about what to do. Don’t forget to follow relevant social media accounts including the Canadian Red Cross for the latest updates.
We suggest checking in on vulnerable family members, friends or neighbours who may need extra help. This can include the elderly, people who are ill, or who have a disability.
What to do if you are home during flooding
  • Turn off power and gas lines, if necessary;
  • Place your valuables on the upper floor of your house;
  • Remain on the upper floor and wait for instructions from your local authorities.
What to do if you are away from home during flooding
  • Stay away from swollen streams and rivers, since moving waters can sweep you away, even if you are in a car;
  • Head to elevated areas;
  • Remain in an area where you are visible and safe. 
What to do if you are in your car during flooding
  • Be careful when driving – puddles can be deeper than you think;
  • Go to an elevated area and park your car there;
  • Turn off the engine, get out of your vehicle and wait.

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