Dogs "retrieve" first aid info from app

It was a beautiful day.  My master and I had just finished a hike and we were famished. So, we dropped into a local restaurant and he ordered a burrito with lots of guacamole, refried beans and brown rice; great protein meal for refueling. I got some high-protein chicken.

Unfortunately, my master was so hungry that he ate too fast, took too big of a bite and started choking on his food. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what was happening, and then his life flashed before my eyes: walks along the beach, playing fetch, nights curled up at the foot of the bed. This was all about to end because my master was choking!  What do I do?  Do I jump on his back and give him the four-paw thrust?

dog with app

It was hard to think straight in my panicked state, so I quickly turned on my iPad, clicked on the Red Cross first aid app, clicked on choking, and followed the instructions for back blows and abdominal thrusts.

But, while I was dislodging the food from my master’s throat, he spilled his coffee on his knee. At that time, I knew I had successfully dislodged the food because he yelped at the burning coffee. Luckily, this lovely young lassie had the Red Cross first aid app on her phone and she immediately looked up exactly how long my master had to run his knee under cool water for.

dog with iPhone app

The Red Cross first aid app is so bow wow wow! My master was so grateful that he gave me extra treats all week! But I’m just happy I still have my best friend to play fetch with.

I’ve told my friends they can download the free Red Cross first aid app themselves from the Apple or Google app stores, or from the Red Cross website, so they have!

pug with iPad

bulldog with app

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