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Canadian Red Cross assists with Hurricane Sandy response

The American Red Cross is in the midst of a major relief operation in response to Hurricane Sandy. The severe storm has affected millions of people and caused power outages, flooding and other damage along the eastern seaboard this week.

The Canadian Red Cross is deploying 10 trained volunteers to support American Red Cross shelter operations in New York.  Additional volunteers and supplies are ready to be deployed if needed.

The American Red Cross response is significant. Consider that to date, they have mobilized 2,300 disaster workers from all over the country, served more than 100,000 meals and snacks, activated nearly 200 response vehicles and shipped in more than 230,000 ready-to-eat meals.  And 9,000 people spent last night in 171 Red Cross shelters across 13 states.

The Canadian Red Cross is now accepting funds at to support American Red Cross efforts to provide immediate assistance to thousands of people affected by this powerful storm.

Hurricane Sandy also had a severe impact in the Caribbean, where it killed 69 people and destroyed or damaged more than 110,000 homes. Damages are particularly extensive in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica. To support Red Cross efforts in that region, donations can be made through the Hurricanes 2012 fund. Thank you for your support!

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