Six months later: Slave Lake Wildfires

It's been six months since Slave Lake and surrounding areas were devastated by raging wildfires. Since June 6th when recovery operations began, Red Cross has assisted 3,148 people affected by the fires and distributed more than $600,000 in direct aid to individuals and families affected by the fires. In the video below, hear from Provincial Director Steve Armstrong on response and recovery operations in that province. Red Cross has provided support to individuals and families  in the form of housing, food, household goods, occupational support, medical and school supplies, and more. At the community level, Red Cross is supporting numerous projects including food for schools, toys and craft supplies for daycare centres, funding for playground construction, craft and sports equipment for youth groups and more. Red Cross has also been working with key community and partner groups including the Girl Guides, Rotary Club,  Victim Services, the Slave Lake Food Bank, the Northern Lakes Aquatic Centre, and the Town of Slave Lake to ensure residents of  Slave Lake and surrounding areas build their capacity and resilience as they navigate the road to recovery. None of this would be possible without the generous donation of Canadians. To date, Red Cross has received nearly $5 million in donations and countless volunteer hours to help provide aid and support to area residents.

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