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Pizza delivery man saves heart attack victim

Check out this story from the Toronto Star about a guy who delivered a pizza to a heart attack victim and saved his life with CPR.

Turns out the delivery man was a former paramedic, but you don’t need to be a paramedic to do CPR. Any one of us can take a course on first aid and CPR.

Here’s the story:

DENVER—A laid off paramedic who turned to delivering pizzas to make ends meet is credited with saving the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest just as a pizza was delivered to his door.

Christopher Wuebben, 22, was delivering a pizza late last week to the suburban Denver home of George Linn, when he heard the man’s wife screaming for help, according to Wuebben’s boss, John Keiley.

“Chris told the woman that he was trained in CPR and knew what to do,” Keiley, owner of Johnny’s New York Pizza, said Tuesday. “He got him on the floor and brought him back to life before the fire department showed up.”

The full story is here.

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