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Mom and daughter join together for Red Cross


Red Cross Timmins branch volunteer, Carole McIntyre and her daughter Sydney recently created a new definition of “family bonding." The duo had themselves handcuffed together by a police officer in the centre of Timmins Square shopping centre. 

Why did they do that? Carole and Sydney were demonstrating one of our fundamental principles, Unity, by staying linked for 24 hours. They did everything together including eating and sleeping.  Carole also returned to high school for the day, accompanying 16 year-old Sydney to school.

All of this was to raise awareness for the annual Feast or Famine campaign to raise money for the Timmins branch. Participants collect pledges to fast for 24 hours.  Last year, the campaign raised $21,000. This year’s goal for the campaign was $17,000. We'll let you know when the campaign totals are in.

Well done ladies!

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