International First Aid & Resuscitation Guidelines

The updated 2016 IFRC First Aid Guidelines serve as the basis for first aid practices among Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies around the world.

2016 Canadian Consensus Guidelines on First Aid and CPR

The 2016 Canadian Consensus Guidelines on First Aid and CPR contain recommendations that will help first aid and CPR providers in the workplace, community or in advanced life-saving roles to keep up to date with new techniques and approaches based on the best evidence that they will improve outcomes for people who experience cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies.

International recommendations for resuscitation and first aid are currently updated on a five-year cycle to reflect recent advances in clinical research. The Canadian Red Cross and Heart and Stroke Foundation are two of the organizations that contribute to the scientific evidence review process through their representation on the International Red Cross – Evidence Based Network and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. The task force used the latest scientific recommendations from both of these international groups to build these new 2016 guidelines.