Excellence in Volunteerism and Mentorship Award

Several Canadian Red Cross volunteers laughing together

Canadian Red Cross is privileged to work with many dedicated and hardworking volunteers; individuals that embody the movement of the Red Cross and our mission to aid and educate others. There are individuals in our communities who may not hold an official “volunteer” title that are dedicated to bringing their communities together and leading the way in creating connection, promoting safety, and ensuring that everyone feels welcome and has a place. These individuals are the unsung heroes of our communities and often go unrecognized. 

The Excellence in Volunteerism and Mentorship Award was created to commemorate and carry on the legacy of a long-standing volunteer, Barney Chanda. The award serves to recognize those who exemplify Barney’s mission: Leaving the world a better place than he found it through small acts of kindness, compassion, and leading by example.  Barney’s main goal was to promote safety education in all aspects of his life and career. He worked tirelessly in his community and across the country to mentor and teach others the value of volunteerism and leadership.

The first Canadian Red Cross Award for Excellence in Volunteerism and Mentorship was presented to Barney’s family to recognize Barney Chanda, in memoriam. The award is presented annually in March to recognize an individual whose volunteerism and mentorship contributes to creating a sense of place, importance, and safety for their community and those around them.

Award recipients are selected based on the following criteria:

The volunteer:
  • Has given exceptional volunteer service in injury prevention, drowning prevention and training others to respond to injuries. This volunteer service is not confined to only volunteering for CRC.
  • Demonstrates the spirit of volunteerism and mentorship through ongoing participation in their community, classroom, and beyond.
  • Has consistently demonstrated initiative, resourcefulness, and commitment to the Fundamental Principles.
Nominate someone for a Red Cross Excellence in Volunteerism and Mentorship Award by completing the online form or sending an email to volunteerismaward@redcross.ca. Award recipients are selected each year in March. Please submit your nomination by December 1 for the nomination to be considered in that year.

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