Training Partners

For more than 80 years, the Canadian Red Cross has been a national leader in injury prevention programs. Our Training Partners deliver Red Cross First Aid and CPR programs across Canada to over 850,000 Canadians annually. 

Training Partners and the Canadian Red Cross work in partnership to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond to emergencies in their homes, workplaces, and communities.
What is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner?
Red Cross Training Partners may be large or small businesses, community or municipal organizations, corporations or other organizations that deliver Red Cross First Aid and CPR training and programs in their community or to their employees.

All Training Partners have an agreement with the Canadian Red Cross and are required to adhere to program standards, policies and guidelines when delivering training. In addition, they must use the instructional tools and resources developed by the Red Cross and the trainee materials.

Why become a Red Cross Training Partner?
Full spectrum of courses available: Provide a wide range of First Aid courses that cater to various settings, including the workplace, home, and personal interests. These comprehensive and always up-to-date courses ensure that individuals and organizations can access the training to promote safety and respond effectively to emergencies in different contexts.

Access to high-quality training materials and resources: Deliver the latest First Aid and CPR training materials and resources. The training materials are high quality, full colour, available in both official languages, and include many digital and print products.

Enhanced credibility and recognition: By becoming a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner, you will be recognized as a leader in First Aid, CPR, and health and safety training. Your affiliation with the Red Cross will enhance your recognition and credibility in the industry.
Access to support and guidance: The Red Cross provides ongoing support and guidance to its Training Partners. This support includes access to technical support, marketing materials, and training resources through the Red Cross Training Partner website.

Course management system: Access to a secure, online registration tool and course management system for managing information related to your courses, participants, and Instructors. 

Make a difference in your community: Becoming a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner is an opportunity to make a difference by promoting safety, well-being, and preparedness. By providing high-quality training and certification, you can help individuals and organizations to be better prepared to respond to emergencies and save lives.

Deliver the highest standard in First Aid training: Red Cross First Aid courses meet all federal/provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards (except Quebec), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z1210-17 First Aid training for the workplace – Curriculum and quality management for training agencies, and the First Aid, Resuscitation, and Education Guidelines: 2020 Clinical and Education Updates for Canada, which are the first ever guidelines built by Canadians, for Canadians.

Increase revenue potential: Offer a wide range of Red Cross First Aid programs and courses, including Psychological First Aid, First & CPR, Youth First Aid, Wilderness & Remote First Aid and more. These programs will enable you to expand your offerings and increase your revenue potential.
How to become a Red Cross Training Partner?
Applicants who wish to become a Training Partner with Red Cross are assessed through a comprehensive application process outlined below.  Follow the six steps below to prepare and submit your application.  If approved, you will join a network of organizations and individuals committed to promoting first aid education in their communities.
Step 1: Determine if it's the right fit
Before applying to become a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner, it's crucial to carefully review the First Aid Program Standards to determine whether the program suits you or your organization. Red Cross Training Partners must follow First Aid Program Standards to maintain the safety, consistency, and quality of Red Cross courses.
Access the First Aid Program Standards.

Step 2: Prepare your application for success
The below resources will help set you up for success as an applicant and support the development of your business plan as part of the application process. Considering the guidelines and policies listed below in the application process is essential. Step 3: Pay the Training Partner application fee on
The application fee is $600 and is non-refundable (including if your application is declined).

Pay the application fee at > Resources & Fees > Application Fees. When making a payment, please click "guest" at the checkout.   

Application fee

  • Record your payment confirmation number to add to your application form.
  • Your application can be declined by Red Cross. Red Cross will only be entering into agreements with applicants supporting training growth for specific audiences or in geographies not currently well served, and applicants that demonstrate they have the resources in place to support the delivery of high-quality training (including applicants that will be offering training to internal audiences only).  
  • If the application is approved, the onboarding process for new Training Partners will include payment of the $250 annual Training Partner fee. 
Step 4: Submit your Red Cross Training Partner application form
Red Cross will process the application form and may complete a credit risk assessment for the applicant. After our team reviews your application form, you will receive an email outlining the next steps in the application process.

Submit your application

Step 5: Submit your First Aid Training Partner business plan
Submit the business plan you have developed with the resources we provided in previous steps. Upon receipt of the application form, the Red Cross team will provide you with a sample template.

Allow 8 weeks for the application review process. Your plan will be reviewed and assessed. The Red Cross team may contact you to set up an interview or provide additional details. You will receive written notice of the outcome of your application once the review process is complete.

Step 6: Final details to become a First Aid Training Partner
  • Sign the Training Partner Agreement. Before the agreement is provided for signature, you will be required to submit proof of insurance and a copy of your criminal record check and vulnerable sector check (if applicable).
  • Complete the customer account form and pay the annual Training Partner fee ($250) to set up your account.  Once processed, customers will receive a customer number, access to online ordering, and access to the Training Partner website with tools and resources to support course delivery, course management, marketing, and more.
Note: The Training Partner fee is paid annually on the anniversary of the Training Partner Agreement date.

For more information, please contact us at 1-877-356-3226.