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The following 3 trainings are a pre-requisite for attendance to IMPACT training. WORCStay Safe and Self Care for Red Cross Delegates are to be submitted/completed by listed due dates listed in the email.

 1) WORC CERTIFICATE TRAINING –  20+ hours to complete submitting certificate

**Participants must have completed the on-line self-learning WORC course (approx. 20+ hours) before attending face-to-face training, as it builds on what has been learned in WORC. WORC is accessible on the Federation’s Learning Platform. Log in & click on Learning Platform at: http://www.ifrc.org/learning.

HELPFUL TIP:  Write down information as you go along.

The attached documents will assist you with completing the on-line session.  Should you encounter any problems with the on-line sessions, please send an email to support.learning@ifrc.org.


The system will produce the WORC certificate upon completion of the training.  Email a copy of the certificate to iotraining@redcross.ca.  A copy will be uploaded to your Taleo profile.

image of cover of faq for worc

FAQ for WORC.pdf

cover image of step by step worc instructions

WORC Step by Step Instruction.pdf

cover image of worc user guide

WORC User Guide.pdf

2) STAY SAFE (security training for delegates) – 2 hours 15 minutes to complete

The aim of this course is to provide minimum security preparation for National Society Volunteers/Staff and assist the National Societies in establishing an appropriate security management system.  A certificate diploma is awarded at the end of the course once final test is successfully completed.  Please log into the IFRC learning platform to complete:  IFRC Learning Platform Stay Safe

3) SELF CARE FOR RED CROSS DELEGATES – 90 min to complete

The Canadian Red Cross is pleased to announce the launch of our new Self-Care for Red Cross Delegates Course.  The course is intended to increase resiliency of all CRC delegates before, during and after a mission.  The training is interactive and includes quizzes and video testimonials from CRC delegates.  It will assist delegates and staff who travel frequently in creating a personal self-care plan and reviews strategies and resources. 

The completion of the Self-Care for Red Cross Delegates Course is mandatory for everyone who travels on Society business overseas.  Registration and completion of the course by delegates and International Operations staff who travel frequently or supervise staff overseas.  You will receive an email upon completion, we will then be notified.

Module 1 will help you to recognize the various signs and causes of stress.  You will learn to recognize:
  • The various types of stress and how to link the causes of stress to various signs you may experience;
  • The warning signs of traumatic stress, what can trigger a traumatic stress response and how it may lead to post traumatic stress disorder.
Module 2 will provide you with strategies for coping with stress.  It will help you to determine:
  • Your stress level prior to accepting an assignment;
  • Strategies to mitigate your stress before, during and after a deployment; and
  • Assist you to create your own self-care plan.
Login to the platform here: www.redcrosstraining.ca

User name is: your e-mail address 
Password is: changeme

If you would like to take the course in French please contact hrsharedservices_int@redcross.ca.
GETTING HELP email: hrsharedservices_int@redcross.ca
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