You are helping families affected by home fires

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April 11, 2019

When the home that Ivory Wayne Burns shared with his grandchildren caught fire and was destroyed, all he could think was “What are we going to do? We were destitute.”

At the advice of a community member he and his seven grandchildren drove to the Canadian Red Cross office in Prince Albert for help.

“I walked in and was greeted with a smile by friendly people,” Burns said. He was shocked and amazed at the amount of support that his family received.

In the past year the Red Cross helped 231 Saskatchewan families affected by personal disasters like house fires. Support from generous donors and supporters like you ensures that everyone has a safe place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear and other essential items like diapers and toothbrushes. This helps families regroup to figure out their next steps and gives them time to get in touch with insurance or social workers.

“I want to give thanks through honour and respect for the work that they (Red Cross) do, for people like us that have an unfortunate event,” said Burns.

Wayne Burns and RC volunteer
Ivory Wayne Burns with Red Cross staff Justine Antoine-Roy

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