Saskatchewan Volunteer Opportunities

We are actively seeking volunteers to assist with critical emergency responses across Canada. Join our Disaster Management team today and bring relief to those who need it most!

If you are looking for opportunities to give back to your community, meet new people, have new experiences, volunteering with the Red Cross could be the right place for you.

Explore the available volunteer opportunities posted below. We also encourage you to contact your local Red Cross branch for opportunities in addition to those listed here.

For more information about other volunteer opportunities in Saskatchewan, please download our brochure.

For information about the Digital Volunteers Program, please visit Canadian Red Cross Digital Volunteers.

Current Opportunities

Job Title Date Posted Location Application Deadline
Friendly Phone Volunteer September 07, 2018 Flexible; various locations across Saskatchewan March 31, 2020
Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) Responder May 29, 2019 Across Canada
Supply Chain & Logistics Responder Volunteer October 10, 2019 Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Regina, and all other regions of Saskatchewan March 31, 2020
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Responder May 24, 2019 Across Canada
Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) Supervisor May 29, 2019 Across Canada
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Supervisor May 27, 2019 Across Canada