Students urged to be someone’s hero during K+S Pink Day

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February 27, 2019

(SASKATOON) Feb. 27, 2018 – Tomorrow, thousands of students across the province will be encouraging each other to stand up for someone when they wear the iconic pink T-shirt branded with “Be Someone’s Hero” during K+S Pink Day.

Students will be raising awareness of bullying issues and inspiring others to stand up for each other when they see bullying happening. Research shows that in most instances, bullying will stop within 10 seconds when someone safely intervenes.

K+S Potash Canada has been working alongside the Canadian Red Cross for five years to help Saskatchewan youth learn how to recognize, prevent and respond to bullying situations. For each official K+S Pink Day shirt sold, the Red Cross can reach one student with the information and tools they need to safely address bullying behaviour.

Also supported by Harvard Broadcasting and Saskatoon Media Group, all proceeds from K+S Pink Day go directly to supporting Red Cross bullying prevention education in Saskatchewan.


  • “The work the Canadian Red Cross is doing to help educate young people on bullying prevention will provide safer, brighter futures for Saskatchewan’s youth,” said Maeghan Dubois, Manager of Communications and Corporate Affairs, K+S Potash Canada, “We are incredibly proud that our partnership for K+S Pink Day will allow this work to continue, not just today, but throughout the year.”
  • “K+S Pink Day encourages us to speak up when bullying occurs,” the Honourable Gordon Wyant, Deputy Premier and Minister of Education said. “It reminds us that we should all be treated with respect in the classroom, on the playground, and online no matter our differences.”
  • “By wearing pink on February 27, you are showing your support for those affected by bullying,” said Red Cross Vice-President Cindy Fuchs. “Bullying is one of the biggest issues our kids are facing. Through awareness initiatives like K+S Pink Day, we are helping kids learn how to prevent and address bullying behaviour.”



  • Half of adult Canadians think youth today have it worse than they did as students, when it comes to bullying.
  • When youth stand up and speak out against bullying, they are successful in stopping the bullying behaviour over half the time (57%) in about 10 seconds.
  • After taking Red Cross bullying prevention training, a survey of 700 Canadian students showed that 93% said they will help when they witness someone being bullied or discriminated against (online or in person). For example, they will tell an adult, say something if they felt safe to do so, or will comfort the person being bullied.
  • All funds raised by K+S Pink Day stay in the province to support its bullying prevention education.
  • More information is available at


  • Have ongoing discussions about relationships and bullying with children throughout the school year.
  • Conversations about boundaries and respect are important. Listen to children about their experiences and concerns and allow them to share their feelings.
  • Encourage children to take a stand against bullying by: telling an adult they trust if they see or know that someone is being bullied; not becoming part of the “cheering group;” providing support and friendship to the person being bullied; using his/her influence to change the situation.
  • Remind children often of their value and importance – help build their capacity and self-esteem.


 K+S Potash Canada (KSPC) is a K+S Group company with headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; a solution potash mine and production facility located near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; and a world-class potash handling and storage facility operated in partnership with Pacific Coast Terminals in Port Moody, British Columbia. Bethune mine, formerly known as the Legacy Project, is the first new potash mine in Saskatchewan in nearly fifty years.


 The Canadian Red Cross is Canada’s leader in bullying prevention education. For tips and more information about bullying and Red Cross bullying prevention education programs, contact your local Red Cross office, or visit
For more information, please contact:
Red Cross Media Line
Twitter: @KPlusSPotashCan @RedCrossSK
Instagram: @redcrosscanada
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