Lyle Karasiuk awarded the Order of Red Cross

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Saskatchewan | November 29, 2022

Lyle Karassik has been a loyal and dedicated volunteer with the Prevention and Safety department and the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Red Cross for twenty-two years.

Lyle’s service to the Canadian Red Cross includes contributions to an array of programs and services, including Emergency Management, membership on Saskatchewan’s Provincial Advisory Council, and the First Aid, Psychological First Aid, and Swimming and Water Safety Programs.

His leadership has been critical to the success of First Aid education, including his current role as Chair of the Canadian Council for First Aid Education.

Lyle represents the Canadian Red Cross as a contributor to the International Journal of First Aid Education, as well as the 2021 IFRC First Aid and Resuscitation education guidelines.

Lyle has contributed to the revision of Red Cross Lifeguard manual and provided support for the inclusion of first aid content in Red Cross swim materials. As a media spokesperson, Lyle provides information designed to build and support the position of the Red Cross as experts in first aid education.

As an active Master Instructor Trainer in our First Aid and Psychological First Aid programs, Lyle supports building capacity across Canada, enriching learning and inspiring action.

In recognition of his deep and abiding devotion to the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross, as exemplified by the extraordinary contributions he has made to our humanitarian work, and in appreciation of his ongoing commitment to the community, the Canadian Red Cross Society takes great pleasure in welcoming Lyle Karasiuk to the Order of Red Cross – Member Level.
Local newspaper, Prince Albert Daily Herald, published a story on Lyle achievement. Read the full story here.
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